Thursday, November 13, 2008


Seems I picked an interesting day to post about this whole topic of bloggers and authors and publishers. Not that it is the first or last time it all will come up no doubt.

But this is certainly an interesting example. It seem that the blogger at Hey Lady! Whatcha Reading? posted a negative review to a self-published book, to which the author replied in her comments. He is very upset. At one point he threatens a lawsuit for violating copywrite laws for quoting from the book. Which is ridiculous and makes him appear even worse than he had before. Is it just me, or is it very silly and foolish for an author trying to SELL us something to react like this?

Go read it all for yourself there and then the discussions at The Book Lady's Blog and Both Eyes Book Blog. Be sure to read all the comments, where there are a lot of interesting remarks.

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