Sunday, November 9, 2008

....and The Winner Is.....

It is very early Sunday morning and time to pick the winners of the First Ever Caite's Lovely Shore Breeze Book Giveaway! I am sure that you are all on the edge of your seats. I am not because I do not want to drop my laptop...
So I threw the numbers in a hat...or at least cyberly with and drew out two winners and they are...

Wait, first, just let me say one thing. I sincerely thank all who entered the contest and I hope that you may come back and visit my wee blog in the future. Of course, the majority of you have not won. Sad, but the way it is. But I do hope that your interest might have been peaked by my review and therefore if you have not won, I would still encourage you to read A Thousand Veils. There is that great resource in your community called the public library, and at Mr. Murphy's suggestion, take yourself down there and request that they obtain a copy or two to loan out. Because in all sincerity. Mr. Murphy's desire "is for many people to read "A Thousand Veils" so as to spread the positive message contained in the book -- a message of hope and reconciliation."
Personally, I would suggest you go down to your local bookstore and order a copy or two. And if you enjoy the book, and I think that you will, I would hope you spread the word, write a review if you have a blog, tell your fellow book lovers if you do not, because as I think that I mentioned, this is a self-published book so it needs us, the reader, to help tell people about it. where was I...Oh yes, the winners.
Well, according to those little elves the winners are....{{drumroll}}
Julie D and Carey at The Tome Traveler.

Congrads and I will send you each an e-mail to which you can reply with your mailing info.


  1. Our library has been fairly responsive when I've suggested books that weren't in the system.

    One that comes to mind is Bonnie Glover's *Going Down South*, which had only two copies on our entire inter-library system, which covers a few dozen towns and some community colleges.

    I was pleased that the ordered the book, and even emailed me when it was on the shelves.

    So, yes, speak up and get those books into more hands :)

  2. Yes, if no one asks for a specific book, they may not know that there is an interest and purchase it. Especially, a self-published book without an advertising budget behind it.


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