Monday, March 22, 2010

Musing Monday...Look! A Shiny New Book!

It is Monday once again, so let's check out this week's Monday Musing question, from Just one more page..

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about TBR books.

Where do you keep the books on the top of the TBR pile? Not the bunk of the mountain, but just the tip of the peak – the ‘almost up to’ books?

Have I mention my short attention span, my propensity to be easily distracted? Well, it applies to my To Be Read pile, as it does to so any things. So, I am sorry to say, but the book that get my first attention is often the last book to catch my eye. Someone mentions a book that sounds interesting, I buy it or get it at the library and it assumes the top position on the TBR pile, mentally and physically.

It is wrong. I know it is. There are perfectly nice books, waiting patiently, holding their place in line...and they get pushed out by a line jumper. But just like a bright, shiny object, a bright, shiny book catches my eye and I am hooked.

Physically, where are these Top of the TBR? Well, usually, they are next to my oh-so-comfy recliner. Actually, there are a few piles there. ARC's and other books I have received in return for the promise of a review are in Pile #1. They should, and often do, have first priority. But... the library will charge me money if I don't read and return their books ASAP, so honestly, I put them, again physically and mentally on the top of that pile. Next to that pile, to keep it company, are a couple of other piles of books I want to read soon...soon being a relative term. Relative to the height of the ARC/Promised Pile. If the Arc/Promised Pile, also known as the APP, gets higher than the arm of my chair, I am in trouble. And of course, Kitty, my imaginary cat, will then be in danger of being crushed to death in a terrible TBR Pile Collapse...We will call that the TBRPC. In math terms, if the
APP >(is greater than) the height of recliner arm = TBRPC = Dead Kitty.

A book is removed from this pile, read, and then moved, once completed, to another pile(s) in another room. That is the "awaiting review" pile. Then, once reviewed, it is moved to the completed pile.

Someday I will decide what happens to them after that.


  1. I too get distracted by shiny new books! I keep my "to be read soon" pile in the bedroom away from my other books, but the pile is ever changing, so I'm not sure what good it does me.

  2. I feel bad for those books in the TBR pile that are collecting dust but I too have a problem with shiny new books. If I pick too many up at a time I find myself only reading a few and placing the rest back on the shelf... which are never read, sad but true!

  3. Kitty is not quite as happy with it.

    I am very lucky she is imaginary.

  4. I'm a moody reader, so I cannot decide on which book to read next! (That's one reason why I've not visited a library for a long time!) :P

  5. Amen to shiny new books--my most recent finds are always on top...and the piles groweth ;)


  6. I am glad to see I am not the only one so easily distracted...

  7. I try to stay disciplined and not always read the shiny new books, but it's hard! I'm a mood reader too.. Here's my answer.

  8. love your equation! I am also distracted by shiny new things. I have 3 books currently reading including book club book for Thursday, and yet when I got a stack of books in the morning's mail, I had to read the first chapter of one of them over lunch and it is ssssoooooo tempting. But I must finish three already started books first! Good luck to kitty!

  9. Yeah, my books are mixed in with the ARC's and library books then suddenly get pushed into priority reading. Of course..I have to return some library books..then retake them out again later.. :P

  10. LOL you sound just like me. They just get moved from one pile to hte next!

  11. Oh, I definitely understand about getting those new books and putting them on top of the TBR. It's so unfair, but I do it all the time. I'm sure the ones that are already in my TBR are perfectly good books, too.

  12. I have the luxury of shelves, and there are four shelves right here in front of me as a type - these are reserved for the TBRTY (this year) books.

    I also keep a paper TBR spreadsheet and try to line up books about two months ahead of time. Yes, I'll sometimes slide books in front of the line, but I can control things better if I see it on paper.

    The other trick I've been more successful with lately is that if I put a book on reserve, I send hubbie to pick it up at the library. That way I'm not distracted by all the treats on the shelves there.

    And finally, if it's a book I think I absolutely have to buy, I put it on my Amazon, or Alibris wishlist, and then come back about a week later to see if it's still yelling "buy me buy me" Often it's not, and I'm saved....

    Now if I could just stop reading blogs and LT threads, I'd get a lot more reading done...

  13. I do that with a lot of my Amazon 'wishes'. I put them on my wishlist, or even in my basket, then move them to 'save for later'.
    Often, I come back weeks later and often they don't look as appealing.

    I should maybe try making a list...heavens knows my present 'system' does not work too well.
    oh well...I guess I just read what I

  14. A well known fact about penguins is that they are easily distracted by bright shiny objects.Isn't it fun to know what you have in common with that noble bird?

    I love your math formula! Too bad you didn't write about this on pi day. You could have worked that 3.1415 figure in there somehow. Poor IK- he's in fear for his life.

  15. Wow! I had NO idea that there might be a mathematical CATastrophe looming large in my home! (Did ya see how I did that? CAT-astrophe? Hehe...yeah.)

    I wish all math had such practical equations as yours.

    Love your WW pics, by the way!


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