Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bandit Tuesday. Bandit is a Sneaky Little Thief...

...with a very pink tongue.

Ok, no one is watching. I will just sneak up here, 'cause something in this dishwasher thing smells good...and no one will see me. I am invisible.

Hmmm...I love this thing...it's like a buffet! Ooops..is someone coming? Quick, one last lick before they catch me!


  1. I sure hope the dishes hadn't been washed yet! I'd re-wash them for Bandit, though.

  2. It just cracks me up with they slink around really low, thinking nobody can see them doing their naughty deeds!

  3. I think Bandit created his own rinse cycle!

  4. My dogs used to do this when they were little; they enjoyed licking the water off the plates after I had rinsed them.

    If they tried to do this now that they weigh approximately 100 lbs a piece, the dishwasher door would be broken in a heartbeat!

  5. He's so cute! Let him do what he wants. BTW, I love the new header pics and background color. Just gorgeous! Did you make your font a lot smaller or are my eyes getting so much worse?

  6. I love how they think they are being so sneaky!

  7. Kathy, no Bandit likes the dishes pre-washed

    Sandy, he actually is pretty stealth..maybe not as much as he thinks but pretty sneaky.

    Mary, I like to think of it as a pre-rinse cycle.

    Molly, happily Bandit is just a wee feller.

    Kaye, you are right. he is so cute he gets away with a lot.
    glad you like the new look over here. Actually, I think I made the font a bit bigger, but I will check that out when I get home.

    Nise'..he is all about the cuteness

  8. ooops...I meant, in answere to kathy, that he likes them unwashed. otherwise it would be gross...lol

  9. its not stealing if you are done with it!!!!

  10. ok, you are only sneaky and little.

  11. Like the new header ... that wasn't up on my last visit.

    And Sneaky Little Bandit ... though that makes my stomach churn a little!

  12. glad you like the new look.
    be comforted by the thought that the dishes will be totally sanitized before the next use.

    besides I was tole Bandit has no germs.
    I have my doubts.


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