Monday, March 8, 2010

Musing Monday...It's Chilly. Your Book Needs a Jacket!

Yes, it is Monday, the start of the week for most of you. For me it is sort of my Friday...but so as not to confuse you, let's just mosy over to Just one more page and check out this weeks question...

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about dust jackets.

Do you prefer books with a dust jacket? What do you do with your dust jacket while reading? Leave it on or take it off?

I like book jackets. They are pretty. And I am shallow. I have admitted it before, I judge a book by it's cover and it is easier to do so with a dust jacket.

Now, of course, every book has a cover by which I can judge it. But a book with a jacket, a hard cover book, is usually bigger, so the art is bigger. And then there are the two inside flaps, with lots of info and blurbs, which again, I admit that I like. I know some people do not like to actually read all that stuff before they start a book but I have no such concern. In fact, I will also admit to reading reviews before I buy and read a book. There are so many books out there, I have to based my decision to buy or not based on something and a nice dust jacket, full of information, helps.

Of course, this presumes you are buying a hardcover and not a trade or mass market paperback. I do prefer hardcovers...which I realize not everyone does...and I tend to buy a lot of the books that I buy on Amazon's Used books, always keeping my beady little eyes open for a cheap hardcover. With dust jacket. Second would be a trade paperback and I only buy mass market paperbacks as a last desperate move. I really, really do not like mass market paperbacks. I think they are awkward to hold and you have to usually crack the spine to actually read the type that goes too far into the center. I hate to crack the spine. And while many books are not made to the highest standards, mass market paperbacks are the worse. I have had pages start to come out on the first read.
Guess it doesn't help if I crack the spine.

Do I leave it on when reading? Sometimes...sometimes not. On many books it is annoying and I take it off and put it aside until I finish the book. On thinner books I find that the flaps can make a great bookmarker, so I may leave it on. But usually, to keep it in good shape, I take it off while reading.

Unless it is really chilly. Then I leave the jacket on so the book does not get too cold.


  1. Best answer by far lol

  2. I'm not a fan of mass market either. The type is usually too small, etc. I use the flaps as book marks too. It's there, why not use them? Have a great Monday!

  3. I also take off the jacket to keep it in good shape. It has the added bonus of driving my husband crazy - he believes it is the book itself that should be kept in good shape and protected by the cover!

  4. It doesn't matter to me, as long as the book is good on the inside.Here's Mine.

  5. I love a good cover too! I usually leave the dust jacket on.

  6. If the jacket does not slip around, I will leave it on. I agree, it makes a good bookmark.

  7. thank you Mash

    CeeCee, some people, who really love those covers, may object!

    rhapsody...that is just madness! ;-)

    Lori...really? I am shallow and must admit the outside matters a lot to me too.

    Kathy...I take a good deal of pleasure in a nice cover. Ok, maybe a fair bit.

    Brooke, some people dislike hardcovers. I don't get it.

    Nise', yer it is free and there ...and attached so I can't lose it.

  8. I think I may be one of the few that love mass markets. Usually because they can be found for a penny on Amazon most of the time. Also because they get the beat up look that I love much quicker. I'm quite strange when it comes to books, I guess.

  9. All those poor little books ... shivering without their jackets at my house. I personally HATE dust jackets. Hate them ... but I do like the info on them.

  10. Books, I often find hardcovers for a penny on Amazon too. As to liking them beat up...yes, you are strange.

    Jenners, hope you keep your house very warm then!

  11. I leave the jacket on, unless the book is traveling in my backpack to some exotic destination. I hate to see a good jacket destroyed needlessly :)

  12. You may find books on Amazon for a penny but they really clip you on the shipping! Library book sales still can't be beat!

  13. Ti, I agree. the jacket must be protect. went I take books in my tote, they must go sans jacket.

    Kaye, that is true. I just bought a nice Anne Tyler at the library for 25 cents. $4 with shipping, a used hardcover, in fine condition, used from an Amazon associate, is still better than buying new.

    what I was doing at the library, buying books and taking books out is another matter, what with that TBR pile.

  14. Dust jackets are dislodged as soon as I begin reading a book. They are just cumbersome. I sometimes toss them and leave the book "naked" on the shelf.

  15. Late to the dance, but if we buy a book (read that spend good $$)with a dust jacket, we used to take them off while we were reading, and then we'd have the problem of matching the children to their clothes someplace down the road...we could never establish a routine for where to park the little coat while we were reading.

    We finally took the plunge and bought (not insignificant $$$) a roll of library grade mylar cover to cover and permanently attach the jackets for books we thought enough of to add to our permanent collection. Now the covers stay put, the jackets stay intact, and we're all happy happy.

    The plastic covers actually were also purchased to preserve some tattered covers on books we inherited and wanted to preserve.

  16. It's never too late for the dance!!
    I will admit the mylar would be grand for protection...but I can't stand the feel of it. I love my books but I just couldn't do it.

    there, I said it. My comfort comes before the safety of my books. :-(


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