Friday, April 10, 2009

a couple of quick things...

...and I will try to resist my instinct to comment endlessly. Just a couple of interesting things to share.

According to a University of Melbourne study... "Caught Twittering or on Facebook at work? It'll make you a better employee, according to an Australian study that shows surfing the Internet for fun during office hours increases productivity."
I am e-mailing my boss right now...

Ever been trying to make that $25 total for free shipping at Amazon... and come up short? So you add that other book or whatever and now you are $10 over? Well, here is a handy website that will let you search for Amazon items that are closest in price to just the amount for need to get to that magic free shipping number. cool.....

but coolest of all, is the brand new award I was given! It seems that Bandit, the Cutest Dog in the World, from the cutest blog, the world from down here, has created this award and I am one of the two lucky recipients.

The "A Blogger's Best Friend Award" shall be given to your most loyal blog readers. Thus, the award should be given to a follower of yours who takes the time to comment regularly on many of your posts. In addition his or her blog should be creative, funny and always entertaining. Upon receiving this award, pass it along to two fellow bloggers who fit this criteria. Congratulations!
Why, thank you very much Bandit, and I always enjoy your blog...even if you do post a lot of pictures of yourself.

Now, I must pass it on, something I admit that I am very, very bad it. And two is not enough!

The first, of course, must go to Bermudaonion. If there were a greatest commenter award in the blogshere, she would have to get it. She reads and reviews five times the books I do, posts several times a day, twitters constantly and yet also finds time to post comments on a countless number of blogs. I think she may actually be 5 people in a garage somewhere with 15 laptops...
But I always enjoy her comments! ;-)

Next...kaye at Pudgy Penguin Perusals. A faithful poster here, always amusing...and I enjoy her odd attachment to those tuxedo wearing birds.

and then there is Jenners of Find Your Next Book Here. She shares my slightly quirky sense of humor and, hey, she is a Jersey Girl too!

Now I am past my two awards...but I have left out so many deserving people! See, this is what I hate about these awards! So to everyone who posts here regularly, or has ever posted here, let me say in all seriousness (which is so very, very hard for me) that I appreciate each and every one of you and each and every comment. Please, consider yourself awarded as well, and feel free to pass the award on to a few deserving commenters as well.


  1. You are deserving of every award there is. This is a new one I haven't seen before. Why, thank you Ms. Caite. I am so glad to know you find my posts for the most part amusing and not just inane. I so greatly enjoy your sense of humor. I don't think I have ever read a post that doesn't leave me smiling or laughing out loud. U R the best! Pudgy thanks you too! I think you're right about Bermuda Onion being 5 people. I don't know how she accomplishes as much as she does and everything she does is done so well. Another amazing blogger.

  2. I can't even tell you how honored I am that you thought of me ... because I think the world of your blog! So thank you!

    And I agree with you about Bermudaonion...I don't know how she does it! I think you might be onto something .. perhaps she is really a small corporation or something! That was too funny.

    And I have to visit the Pudgy Penguin more often ... if Caite likes her, I will too!

    And I have to tell you: Have you heard of Amazon Prime? If you buy a Prime membership (about $79 for a year) you get one full year of free 2-day shipping. If you buy lots of stuff from Amazon, it totally pays for itself very quickly. We've had it for two years now and order things from Amazon all the time -- not just books either. I bought a hammock chair that weighed a ton and got the free shipping. You'll find that most things are available via Prime -- and you can sort to find what is and what isn't. Plus you never have to pay sales tax so you save even more ... especially with 7% NJ tax. We buy our printer ink and photo paper there. All kinds of stuff besides books. You might want to check it out.

  3. gosh....more reason to shop at the Evil Amazon...

  4. Wow, not only is Bandit smart, but he's creative as well. What a cool award! Thanks so much for all the kind words - you've made my head swell this morning. I don't buy much on line, but they always suck me in with that free shipping stuff.

  5. yes...your head and the heads of the five people who really are this supposed

  6. Wow!! The amazon price finder is amazing!! Thanks for sharing. And happy Triduum!

  7. I see Bermudaonion everywhere! Just when I think I found a hidden blog treasure, I see her comments! And we all do appreciate you too Caite. I am seriously coveting this award now...I will make it my mission to earn it!

  8. See, that is why I hate giving awards! It's like picking your favorite child...because you Sandy totally deserve this are a great and frequent commenter. but the direction from that darn Bandit said two...and I can easily thing of many 10 of my readers that deserve it.

    As to that Bermuda blogger...Sandy that was my thought exactly. I think I have happen upon an unknown little blog...and there is one of her comments! What is her secret??


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