Saturday, January 31, 2009

a review of Fault Line

Fault Line by Barry Eisler

Alex Treven is a successful Silicon Valley lawyer, on the track to making partner at a very prestigious firm. He has just brought his first client into the firm, a client whose new encryption technology will mean a huge amount of money for the firm. Everything is looking great for Alex...that is until things start to appear to go very, very wrong. And perhaps very dangerously wrong for Alex.
When he fears that his very life may be in danger, Alex is forced to turn, against his wishes, to the one person that he knows he can trust without question, his brother Ben.

There is an incident in their past that divided Ben and Alex and forever changed their family. Since that time and since Ben want off and joined the military, contact between the brothers has been very limited and what there has been has been rather hostile. But Alex hopes that Ben, with his rather mysterious job in the army, will be the one person that he can count on when he starts to mistrust everyone else around him.

Fault Line is a well written, fast paced, believably plotted story with very good characters that go beyond what is often found in novels of intrigue. Perhaps part of that might be owed to the fact that the author Mr. Eisler was a covert operative in the CIA for three years, with experience in such things as hand-to-hand combat, surveillance, and counter terrorism among other things. I am not sure whether some of the episodes described are realistic...but they seem so and they certainly are entertaining.

So, if you enjoy novels with suspense and intrigue, great characters, a bit of a love story...and a fair bit of small arms fire....Fault Line will be one that you certainly will want to put on your list!

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