Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Lighthouse's Tale

I offer, for your listening pleasure, my very favorite lighthouse song, music by the group Nickel Creek. It is actually a very, very sad song, but I love it and I hope that you enjoy it.
This might be a fictional account of a lighthouse and it's keeper and their sad story, but I think that it partially captures the sense of history connected to lighthouses which is part of why they interest me.
And every lighthouse has so many interesting tales to tell...


  1. I love links like this! Thanks, Caite! (Now I'm all depressed, but thanks all the same because it's a beautiful song). :)

  2. Oh, I love Nickel Creek and am so glad to see this! Thanks for making my Saturday morning.

  3. That is such a sad story. Like Rebecca, I am quite fond of Nickel Creek. Thanks for posting the video!

  4. Making someone's Saturday morning makes my day!

    Granted, shipwrecks, lost love and suicide might be an unusual way to start your day, but it's a nice song.

  5. Pretty song! thanks for sharing it.

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