Monday, July 29, 2013

Musing Monday...

 These weeks go by so fast!
Yes, it is Monday, so let's get Musing!!
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There was an article in Shelf Awareness this week, in fact, a special addition with just this article on Saturday, that discussed an issue that caught my eye. It is something that book readers and book buyers should be aware of.
Did you see it?
It is about my old friends at the Great Evil Amazon and a little game they seems to be up to...

"Yesterday quietly began discounting many bestselling hardcover titles between 50% and 65%, levels we've never seen in the history of Amazon or in the bricks-and-mortar price wars of the past....
The discounts are far below the usual 40%-50% range sometimes offered by Amazon, warehouse clubs and other discounters and are more typical for remainders than frontlist hardcovers. In some cases, the hardcovers are priced below the Kindle editions.
... "It's an open declaration of war against the industry," said Jack McKeown, president of Books & Books Westhampton Beach, Westhampton Beach, N.Y. Like several people familiar with Amazon's move, he speculated that Amazon has been "emboldened" by the Justice Department's victory against five major publishers in the e-book agency model case as well as Wall Street's acceptance of continued losses by Amazon for now in the expectation of retail domination--and major profits--eventually."

Yes, they lose money in the last quarter and Wall Street is not concerned about their future.
Why is that?
It reminds me of the ploy of drug dealers. At first the drugs they sell you will be very cheap, free even, until you are roped in. And then once they got ya..and drove the competition off the street corner...then they hit ya with the real price.

Am I a hypocrite? Don't I buy from them?
Well, yes I do. But in my defense, I have little choice book wise. There are no independent bookstore around here, not even a Borders or a Barnes and Noble.  I do buy all my e-books from B&N online as a bit of a protest, even though I read all my e-books on my iPad now.
Price is important to me in everything I buy, and often Amazon is the cheapest.

But I will say it again...the growing place of Amazon in the book world is more than a little worrying. {Did I mention their buyout of Goodreads?} Hey, I don't mind them or any company doing well, but to now be in the position to be able to take a loss for a bit in order to undercut the competition, maybe drive them out of business... make me sit up and take notice.


  1. Yeah, I like amazon, but that doesn't mean I want them to have that much of a monopoly on selling books!

  2. i read all my ebooks on my ipad via and the nook app ... i dont buy anything from amazon

    1. I admit it..I buy many things from Amazon, and not just books. Yes, I am a hypocrite! ;-)

  3. This morning I read that Amazon is doing that in response to a move by to undersell them.

  4. And Amazon also bought Audible--the audiobook site. Gah!

  5. *New Follower* Thanks for stopping by my musing! I had heard rumblings of this around the blogoshpere, but I still don't quite get the ties with the justice department or what ruling happened. However, I do think its complete crap that Amazon is basically ripping off the author. Its rare an author becomes a millionaire, heck few of them get to be full time writers and at the new amazon prices being so low they might as well not write at all! There time isn't even being compensated at those prices! I love a good bargain just like the next person, but soon more authors will stop writing or they will all start writing cliche books in hopes of movies deals to help pay the bills, and I don't want our world flooded with a bunch of crap books! Great Musing!

  6. Hi,
    I don't buy anything from Amazon, because of the shipping rates and the time it takes for books to arrive in Portugal (where I live). But I must confess I would like to have a portuguese branch of Amazon - so that we could have cheaper books. In Portugal books are quite expensive and ebooks (or kindle) are not very popular yet.

    But I totally undersdand the monopoly question - monopoly is never good.

  7. There are other sites to buy books. used to one of my favorites and it's owned by eBay

  8. I only download free kindle ebooks from amazon mehehe. amazon can be great but it can be a prick sometimes :)) my mm is up:

  9. I had been considering Goodreads for awhile but when Amazon bought them, that pretty much sealed the deal against it. It kinda feels like Big Brother to me. And yes, I do buy from them! It is almost impossible not to. But there is only so much personal information I'm going to let them have.

    1. Library Thing (yes, even if Amazon is a minority holder) is a wonderful site!


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