Saturday, June 1, 2013

Weekend Cooking..When You Feeling Liking Whining...Think Wine

What in the world can I write about this week?
I cooked nothing.
I read no foodie books.
And yesterday,instead of cooking something, I went on a little road trip.
I went to Longwood Garden (no doubt you will see more of that come Wordless Wednesday)
and the surrounding area.
As you could see above, there were foodie books in the gift shop.
But I did not buy any.

So, after a few hours in the hot sun..and the still warm shade, I was hot.
And tired.
So,  I took a little ride down the road.
To the Chaddsford Winery.

Look, they have wine tastings!
Hot day, free, cool wine.
Sounds like an idea!

Pretty building

And 6 or 7 different bottles to taste.
Skip the Spiced Apple. Nasty.
But the rest..quite nice.

So, off to the retail space to buy a bottle or two.
Or six.
I felt refreshed enough to go back for an evening free concert.
And the Main Fountain light and music show.

Pretty labels.
Safely resting in my kitchen.
Grab a glass!
And bring a snack.

This is my contribution this to this week's Weekend Cooking.
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  1. Wine tastings sound like a wonderful time. Longwood Gardens is a lovely place to visit. Looking forward to seeing those photos. Enjoy your wine and your weekend!

  2. Ohhhh now I want to go to a tasting. This time of year it's so nice to go with a picnic packed and friends!

  3. I love wine! It's an enjoyable hobby of mine to try new ones and write up little reviews. Wonderful post!

  4. What a fun post -- looks like you had a lot of fun whining about all that wine :) . . .

  5. What fun! My husband and I both enjoy wine... tasting events are always a hit.

  6. Wine tasting is always fun, we do this often on cruise ships.


  7. I heard a story on NPR a few months back about New Jersey's wine country. Is this a part of it? Looks like a really nice place.

    1. no, this is over the river in PA..
      but close. We do have a number of wineries here in Jersey..I have tasted some of the products and they are nice.

  8. What a lovely day you had! It really does sound marvelous, and the wine looks yummy. Thanks for sharing!

    1. it was a nice day...the gardens, the wine, the Brandywine museum, a nice dinner, a free concert that evening back at Longwood, a show with the main fountains with lights and music to wrap up the evening..I was tuckered out!

  9. Some of my friends are talking about organizing a wine tour. One hubby, who doesn't like wine, can drive the motor home and the rest of us can indulge. :) After reading your post I think I should check in and see how the plans are going with that, LOL!

    1. that would be fun...of course, I would be sounds asleep pretty quickly..but it would fun while I was still conscious.

  10. I love the labels! What a perfect way to spend a summery afternoon. Can you believe it? I've never been to Longwood.

    1. I do like the happy.
      And I do like Longwood.
      I bought a membership again this year, so I see a few visits in my future. And the great hing is that there is stuff to see whatever the time of year.


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