Monday, June 3, 2013

Musing Monday...Book Greed


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Are you book greedy?
I will admit, I am.
I try to keep it under control, but I will also admit I am not too successful.

I remember the days before the blogging. I bought some books, I got some from the library. I would maybe have a book or two in reserve for when I finished what I was reading. The SIL would buy some and we would trade.

And then the blogging.  
I would request books for review from various sources and, as time went on, I started to get a few.  
Wow, how exciting!!
Then quite a few.  
I needed to keep some sort of record, so I joined Library Thing. Oh look, they have this Early Reviewers thing. I can request a book from hundreds, and as I faithfully reviewed them, I 'won' one many months.
Then there was that e-mail from Amazon Vine, asking if I would like to join, guaranteeing 4 books a month if I so desired.

I started to get offers from blogging book tours..offers from publishers...offers from publicists..offers from authors.

And so many looked good. Or at least good enough. And I wanted them. I certainly don't need them. I WANT THEM.

Of course, I am still buying some books. I read a great review and I want it. Look, in seconds I can get a copy for my Nook! And Barnes and Noble has a Nook free book every Friday! Will I like it? Well, it is free, so way not take a chance? 
And who had the nerve to tell me about this site called BookBub. Free e-books, .99 cents books for your Kindle or Nook or iPad.

And I still go to the library on occasion. I tell myself I will be good. Not buy the book but get it from the library. That is responsible, right? Of course, I get the call to pick it up, and leave with 2 additional books because I was stupid enough to check out the New Releases section

I must sort them, physically or, for e-books, in my mind. Amazon Vine has a new policy that you must review 100% of last month's requests to be able to get any new ones. At first I was upset, but honestly it is a good thing, keeping me in line. And I try to really keep after the Library Thing books. The library books go ahead of the ones I buy, and the review books often go ahead of them both. So many books are waiting.
Well, my eyes are bigger than my ability to keep up.

But they make me happy.
OK, a little concerned when I think of the show Hoarders
but at this point, they still make me happy, happy. 
All those books I have stored up, each one, possibly, a great adventure, just waiting for me, hours of pleasure just sitting there, patiently.  

Is it greed..or saving for a rainy day?
Or a rainy year.  
Perhaps a decade. 

Do you understand??
Oh please, say you do!  



  1. I understand you completely! I entered a giveaway and i didnt realize that the price is an ebook not a physical book and i won. since i don't have kindle i thought the ebook i won will go to waste and then i discovered you can read ebooks from amazon on your web browser through kindle cloud reader and also through blackberry and i found out there are books in amazon that's 0.00 dollars and i've downloaded lots of them even though i dont know when i can read them because i dont have the time right now... and i also borrow lots of books in the library even though i know i couldn't possibly read them all before the due date

    my musing monday post:

    1. yes, there are many ways to get around the formats now and read e-books on many devices..computers, tablets, phones. and that opens up so, so many books,,oh, my...

  2. I think you preaching to the choir here. It is a big problem, but one I don't really want to fix. Just keep 'em coming. Because some day there might be a shortage, or the zombie apocalypse might come and we wouldn't be able to get any more.

    1. zombie apocalypse! exactly what I was thinking!

  3. It's a good thing the Nook or Kindle can hold lots of books! No need to be worried about

    1. Yes it does keep them all neat..and out of sight.

  4. Echoing what Sandy said - I am also developing the "Book Greed," but it's something I don't want to fix. :) It is just sad that libraries here don't really allow people to check out the books (and most actually house text books to be used as reference for school projects), but I am grateful for stores selling pre-loved books at very low, low prices.

  5. Same here, Tootsie! One reason I love my e readers so much, TBG doesn't know how many (many many) books are on them.

    1. I am starting to wonder how many will fit on there. I think I have a long way to go yet..

  6. Ha-ha....yes, book greed is a good way to describe this need that I also read every book I see that grabs me.

    I got a bit overwhelmed with review books and blog I'm cutting back. Being selective.

    And going to the library for books, too. Since my shelves are overflowing, reminding me of my greed...and the Hoarders show. lol


  7. Oh, I'm definitely book greedy. When it was print books only, I filled up my guest room with them very nicely and now I'm filling up my e-readers. If I can cut down on the blog tours and reviews, I might even be able to read some of them.

    My Musing is here

  8. It was like you were writing about me.

    1. The number of books you are in your own category! Lol


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