Sunday, September 2, 2012

One of These Is Not The Same....

Can you pick which one?

I think the orange nose is the only giveaway!


  1. Hmmm not sure, can you give us another clue. ;)

    Too cute!

  2. How cute could those dogs be! It looks like they just came home from the groomers. The white one looks just like my sister's dog -- on a REALLY good day.

  3. They're adorable. I love those names, too. Are Bandit and Benny the Bichons? What breed is the dark colored one (and is that Sammy?)? My dad has a Bichon and it's probably the type of dog I'd lean toward getting next time around. They don't shed much, do they?

    1. Black dog is Bandit...poodle?.and happy and friendly
      Beige the last Benny. He is part cocker spaniel and part mystery. And sweet.
      White dog is Sammy. He is Bichon...

    2. Wow. I would've guessed Benny was a Bichon, too. He has a similar face to Sammy's. They all look very sweet and loveable.


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