Monday, September 3, 2012

Musing Monday...Love's Labour's Lost

To all my US readers, Happy Labor Day! Hence the MM title, the unofficial end to the summer season!

But it is still Monday, so let's head over to MizB's 'Should Be Reading' and check out this this week's question!

This week’s musing –courtesy of– asks…
Have you ever considered writing a book before? What genre would you write?

Let me ask you a question.
Has anyone who reads books, who loves books, not considered what it would be like to write a book?

Well, I admit I have.
Not like "got a pad of paper and a pen and wrote an outline" sort of "I should write a book".
No more like "wouldn't it be great to be on the NY Times Best Seller list for 50 weeks" and go on book tours and signings with HUGE crowds "I should write a book".
What would I write?
The best mystery every written, every critic agrees, since Agatha Christie. Maybe better than Christie!
OK, then I wake up and realize I have several problems.

No imagination.
Little talent.
An aversion to hard work.

So perhaps I will just remain a reader.
But you know, my real fear about writing a book? It would be putting all that effort, all that energy, all that thought into a book and finishing, only to find it stinks.
Do you think when you finished it, would you still be objective enough to know it was not really good? It seems a lot of author are not by some of the stuff I have read.
That would be the worse. To have my name on a book, people I know reading it and not only was iy not excellent, it was bad.

I think all books I read can be put into three categories.
The excellent. Toe tingling great.
The good, but flawed.

You will rarely see reviews of the bad here. I read more than a few, don't you worry, but I usually either don't finish them or just get the enthusiasm up to write a review. I figure you aren't missing anything. Except, maybe if it is a Big Book, or one by a Big Author, in which case you need to be warned off.
And since I starting writing reviews and reading some books I might never ordinarily read in my pre-blogging days, I have seen a lot of books people should be warned off.

So if I ever did write a book, I would publish it under a fake name!
True, no one would know what a great thing I had written. But who cares?
So long as no one knew I wrote that piece of drivel.


  1. I don't have enough imagination to write a book either. Heck, I don't even have enough imagination to come up with a fake name.

    1. Maybe you should pick one like you like your 'porn' name...what is it...Childhood street and pet. Roseville Harrigan at your service!

  2. No imagination? I disagree. I look forward to your MM posts. I promise, I would write a rave review for you lol. Have a great week!

  3. I would love to write books as well, and yes there is fear there, but I think to me, it would be worth the risk. Even if I have a book that comes out and people aren't to big on it, I'll try again with a different story and try to correct where I went wrong the first time ;-) Here's my MM:

  4. Ha ha! While I also don't agree that you have a lack of imagination, I know what you mean - I would pick the same three problems for myself!

  5. The idea of a pseudonym is always good.. (says Aspen, a pseudonym), ha.
    and I can understand that the aversion to hard work is a deterrent from writing, but couldn't you say that running this blog is hard work? :p If you take the plunge into writing a novel, I hope you will let us know.
    have a great week, Caite!


  6. I find your post writings very interesting, so I think you'd do good at writing a book.

  7. Writers definitely need readers...and I love reading as well as writing. Here's MY MUSING MONDAYS POST

  8. I think all authors are readers, but I can imagine many readers don't want to write. It's like me and watching movies, I love it, but I could never act ina movie myself! Thanks for sharing :)
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  9. I think your unwritten novel would be awesome. I would read it, even if it were written under your porn name. I think you are right, we all have these fantasies. But I struggle to find time to get the laundry done, so writing a book isn't in my future until my kids go to college. But then I'm sure I'll find something else to keep me busy. I'd rather just critique!

  10. I do think reading is more fun. Writing is hard work. Thanks for visiting.

  11. I think you'd write a great book. Your posts are always written so well!


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