Monday, August 20, 2012

Musing Monday..Maybe the Best Book Ever Written!

Oh, I am must be Monday. And time to head over to see what Miz B at Should Be Reading has for us to muse about this week...

This week’s musing — courtesy of – asks…
Have you ever reread a book and found that your opinion changed?

Well, no, not really.
Maybe because I rarely, very rarely, reread a book.
I think you could count on one hand the number of books I have reread in my reading lifetime.
OK, maybe two hands.

If I don't really like a book, I am certainly not going to give it another chance. Sorry, moving had your chance.
And if I loved a book? Well, I will bask in the happy glow of book loveliness for a bit. Move it to the  fond memory pile in my brain. Then move on. Maybe to other books by the same author, to see if they can hit another home run. Maybe to one in the TBR pile I must just get to.

Part of the issue may be my favorite genre, mysteries and thrillers and suspense. Once you know the ending, usually rereading the book will not cut the mustard.

But even more than that, there is the matter of time.
So many books, so little time!
Almost every day, when I check out some of my favorite blogs, read some great reviews, I discover another book that I just need to read. Often I am introduced to another author I did not know before, one that now I need to check out, maybe even one with a series I would really like to read.
So who has time to reread??

Say I read 3 book a week.
52 weeks in a year times 3 = 156
Say I only make it another 20 years on this earth.
That would be 3120 books.
OK, let's say I live 30 more years.
That is 4680 books.

Yes, that may seem like a huge number.
Until I consider that I have hundreds, maybe a thousand, unread books actually in my house. And that is not to even touch on all the books I hear about, but control myself and don't buy or check out of the library.
Oh, the library, that source of so much temptation. I go to pick up one book and end up with three..
And bookstores, those temples of enticement. Look at all the lovely books...maybe just one. Oh, I have heard about this one and it sounds so good...

So no, in my mind, every reread is a missed opportunity to read a new book!
Maybe a wonderful book.
Maybe the best book I have ever read!
Who can take the chance?


  1. Exactly! No time for re reads. At least I know I won't be around for 30 more years - even 20 is pushing it but still I hope to get to 3,000 more in my lifetime. Gotta be selective.

    1. regardless of the years we each have, we have to get as many in!

  2. O.K. So can I just copy and paste your answer on my blog, I agree totally with you, but your answer is so much more entertaining than anything I could come up with. I never re-read either, like you, I have to many books waiting to be read now. I keep telling myself no more books. Just yesterday an author I like to read e-mailed me and said, "My new book is on Kindle or Nook now" well, you guessed it, I immediately went and bought it. And like Kaye, I don't think I'll be around for 20 more years, but still I keep finding new books to read. Go figure....

  3. of course you did! what else could you do? lol

  4. Ha-ha...yes, when you look at the numbers, it doesn't seem very practical, does it? But here's MY MONDAY MUSINGS POST

  5. It is easy to stack up unread books. Most of the time when I reread it is for a book club.

  6. Every few years, on July 4th, I begin to re-read the unabridged version of Mr King's The Stand .. possibly my favorite book ever ...

    1. I have never read is very big, isn't it?

  7. lol good point with all those numbers and possibly missing out on a great read!

    Here's my thoughts for this week's Musing Mondays =)

  8. I used to feel exactly like you but I'm now making a point to revisit some old favorites - sometimes because our book club has chosen them, and since I have to facilitate the discussion, I want to refresh my memory. I'm often amazed at how much I don't remember, and often find the 2nd read more enchanting, more enlightening, and more enriching than the first.

    Then again, there have been times when I've said "Good grief! what on earth did I ever find enjoyable in this one?"

    I guess it's just different perspectives from different stages of our lives. Either way, I won't stop reading, old or new.

    1. You have a point...maybe after a few thousand more, I will

  9. I know, when I think like that, I can always talk myself out of a re-read! I rarely do it too. I DID re-read The Life of Pi, because it had been years then my book club picked it. I definitely did not like it the second time around. I knew the twists and the big reveal at the end, and it ruined it for me. There are a few that I would like to re-read someday. We'll see. The earth would have to shift.

    1. I think a book like that, with a big secret, will suffer in a re-read, almost all the time.
      Not that I re-read of course!

  10. I hear ya! With my genes, I expect to live 40 more years so maybe I'll make it through the books I have right now.

  11. What a great answer! I am not much of a re-reader, either.

  12. I'm totally with you. I'm not a big rereader at all. There would have to be some compelling reason to revisit a book (like reading with my son or something) to get me to do it.

  13. I'm the same way - I don't re-read. There's just not enough time in a day.

  14. I re-read sometimes. There's a certain comfort in reading an old favorite every now and then and the beauty of it is that I discover new things with every re-read. It's like magic. :)

    1. you almost sold me on re-reading with the magic comment.


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