Monday, August 13, 2012

Musing Monday.... M-I-C...See You Real Soon...K-E-Y...Why? Because WE Like You!

This week’s musing –courtesy of — asks…
Do you snack while you read? If so, what is your favorite reading snack?

I am not a big snacker.
Heavens knows, I eat enough at meal time. I sure don't need snacks too.
Of course, I say this having just finished a snack of some pepper jack cheese and Keebler Flatbread Crisps, the Sea Salt and Olive Oil variety.

But would I do that while reading?
No, not really.
There are a lot of issues.

First of all, you would have to decide which hand to use to snack with and which to use to hold the book. But then, how will you turn the pages? So now you need a place to rest the book too. At first, I though you should snack with the right hand and hold the book/turn pages with the left. But on further thought, being as I am right handed and you turn pages from right to left, it seemed better to use the right hand for the book and left for the snack. Sort of a wet hand/dry hand sort of thing, like when you are breading some nice chicken cutlets or some huge, butterflied shrimp.
But still, I think there would be a good chance of getting a stain on the book.
And that would be very, very bad.

You could eat some more tidy snack. Like M&M, which were invented to be neat.
Is that true, or one of those urban myths?
Let's ask Wikipedia...
"Forrest Mars, the founder of the Mars Company, invented the idea for the candy in the 1930s during the Spanish Civil War when he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with a hard shell of tempered chocolate surrounding the inside, preventing the candies from melting. Mars received a patent for his own process on March 3, 1941. Production began in 1941 in a factory located at 285 Badger Avenue in Clinton Hill, Newark, NJ."
So, it is true. Good to know.
Hey, I am from Newark, NJ but I never knew that!
Car Jacking Capital of the US and the Home of the M&M.

Gosh, do you think I might be over thinking this whole snack thing?
I am apt to do that.
But now I believe I may know why I don't snack while reading.
It is just all too complicated!

OK, on a totally different track, today is my brother's, the Bro's, birthday!
Ssssshh...Don't tell anyone, but he is 60 years old today.
The real question is how I can have a brother who is that old?
Granted, I am his younger sister, but still, this seems to make me rather old as well.

The Bro's name is Mickey.
He was named after Mickey Mouse you know.
OK, that is a lie.
Actually, he was named after my father.
But Mickey Mouse would be cool.

OK, all together now..

Happy Birthday to You..
Happy Birthday to You..
Happy Birthday Dear Mickey..
Happy Birthday to Youuuuuu!!


  1. If I snack while eating, I do the mini rice cakes. They aren't messy and are low cal! Inevitably, though I am ALWAYS drinking something when I read. I have liquid needs. Not always wine either! Water, energy drinks, Diet Coke (trying to wean myself from those), hot tea, you name it. Happy Birthday to Mickey! We are all about Mickey down here!

    1. Drinking is different! Yes, I admit, that I do..

  2. I don't buy them anymore (because I eat them when I do buy them) but those mini Reese's cups are the perfect snack to eat while you read. Happy Birthday to Mickey!!

  3. I find the colors of the M&Ms comes off on my fingers and then the pages of the books turn a variety of little colored dots. But I do have my guilty pleasures to think about also.

    I wonder... Is Mickey another day older, and deeper in debt? I hope not.

    1. I hope he is not in dept...I think

  4. It's almost scary when older siblings hit another milestone. My brother is 73. Yikes! How did that happen? In the scheme of things your brother is still young.
    Happy B'day to Mickey!

  5. Happy Bday Mickey!!
    Another classic MM by Caite!! I thought I was the only one who put thought into which hand to snack with for not wanting to soil the pages. Have a great week.

    1. nice to know when others share you odd

  6. thanks for stopping by Caite! It's true that once we start over thinking the free hand for snacking issue, it becomes all too complicated of a process. :) thanks for sharing! and happy birthday to your brother!


  7. I dont snack when I read .. not even when reading an ebook .. smears on the screen are worse than smears on the page .. or maybe its the other way 'round .. and a happy birthday to your bro! Yo Mickey,hope its a good one!

  8. I work in newakr, fun times! Ha, your posts are always so entertaining. I try not to snack during reading, but I read on a kindle so it's slightly easier turning pages. Here's my Musing

    1. but you can leave at the end of the day...I had to stay for 20+ years.

  9. I'm not a reading snacker. I wouldn't want to smear on my Nook.

    Happy birthday, Mickey. What a sweet tribute to him.

  10. With something that's not messy, I don't feel like the logistics get too bad :) I'm right handed, so I hold the book in my left, then snack and turn pages with the right.

  11. I don't snack while I'm reading - hate the crumbs and smudges - nah, I'm a neat reader :)

  12. Well happy birthday to your big brother Mickey. And I love the idea of M&Ms being neat snacks. One more good reason to eat them.

    1. Well my snack of choice is always Potato chips and onion dip even when reading!. To make it less messy I would sit at the kitchen table and read instead of on the sofa! Mickey did have a very nice 60th Birthday and many thanks to you for that!! Mickey is continuing his Birthday celebration this weekend. We are taking a limo to the Petrossian in Manhattan for lunch!!

    2. Oh my


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