Monday, September 26, 2011

Musing Monday...The End Is Near! Well, It Could Be...

Let's head over and check out this week's question from MizB at Should Be Reading...

This week’s musing asks…
What does it take for you to give up on a book you’re reading?

Golly, Monday is almost over and here I am, sitting in my motel room, writing it finally.

I meant to get up and write it this morning, but I was all excited about spending my day in Maine's lovely Acadia National Park and forgot all about it. Actually, I forgot it was Monday, because I am in vacation mode, where every day could be any day of the week!
Lobster...lobster boats...crashing waves and beautiful scenery. Tomorrow, after a 2 hr. sail on a four masted ship, I will be heading north again, up to the northern most coast of Maine, near Lubec and one of my favorite lighthouses, West Quoddy.
So cute with it's little red stripes...

Wait...what was the question??
Oh, what will make me give up on a book.
Again, as with so many things, it depends.
For a review copy, it takes a great deal.
A book I am just reading for myself, less.

If I have excepted a book from an author or publisher, it has top be really, really bad. It might be boring to the point of madness, vile, full of editing errors,,or as I has mentioned before, it might be really, really stupid. I hate a stupid plot...I really hate stupid characters. Characters that are more stupid than the people I would put up with in real life.

Now, it is not a review copy, I will put up with even less.
Sometimes I put it aside, with hopes of picking it up again in the future.
Which honestly, does not happen too often.
There is always another book on the horizon, something all new and shiny, at least new to me, that catches my attention.
I am sure you have heard the saying..Life is too short to spend it reading bad books.

Once, I took it as a point of pride, or maybe stubbornness, that I would finish a book no matter what.
The old I get, the bigger the TBR pile gets, the less time I figure that I have to waste.


  1. Enjoy your time in Maine - so pretty there. I agree, "Life is too short to spend reading bad books."

  2. Ah.....Quoddy glad you're enjoying life as it should be. And so glad the weather hasn't been too too awful. and yes, I agree: Life's too short, etc etc etc. Maybe if we all started posting about the bad books we do abandon, publishers might catch on.

    Hope your memories carry you along as you go back to work next week.

  3. That is why I take photos! Makes the memories last forever!

  4. I am stubborn, so I rarely give up on a book.

  5. When I started reviewing books I always finished them, and tried to find something nice to say, even if I hated them--I wouldn't lie, but I'd talk about something trivial that was good and give some kind of "not for me" review. Since then I've decided that 50 pages is enough to give any book I'm not enjoying.

    You got a mention on my Top Ten Tuesday post this week.

  6. Have a great vacation in Maine!

    I'm pretty much the same way. I will try to get through a review book as best I can but for others, I won't bother if I'm really not enjoying it.

  7. I agree with you. As I have got older and so many claims on time, the book needs to get your interest early on to sustain me.

    Have a wonderful vacation. I am drooling over the lobsters.

  8. The house looking beautiful! I Agree with your words, had a great time in your blog!

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  10. So true, so true. I used to be stubborn about that too but my younger daughter convinced me it's not a sign of weakness or a sin giving up on a book that I don't like. Must be a yankee never give up keep your nose to the grindstone kind of thing but I am over it. If I don't like it, it's abandoned. Actually, that is kind of rare since I seem to be easily amused and do finish almost everything I start but there are the rare occasions that I now without guilt toss it aside.

    Love your lighthouse pic!!

  11. You always take the best vacations! And that is a cute little lighthouse.

    And I agree … a bad book isn't worth reading. That is why I've learned to be very very careful with what review copies I accept becuase I do feel that sense of obligation.

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