Monday, September 5, 2011

Musing Monday...Archie, You Have My Heart.

Happy Labor Day!
it may be a holiday, but not here at Musing Monday. So, let's head over and check out this week's question from MizB at Should Be Reading...

Who do you think is the hottest male/female character from a book?

Golly, so many of my literary crushes have been policemen and private detectives. Maybe because from such an early age I have been such a fan of mysteries and thrillers. There have been so many, some good guys and some bad boys, how can I pick just one?
So I will share my first.
Archie Goodwin.

Archie, if you do not remember, was the assistant of the famous detective, Nero Wolfe. Nero was a brillant man, but he rarely left his NYC brownstone, so when leg work was called for, Archie was the fellow.
But don't get it wrong. Archie was a pretty good detective in his own right. He was smart and good looking, desired by women, admired by men. He was a snappy dresser, who knews all the ins and outs of the Big Apple, with enough street smarts to take care of himself. Yet at heart he is a solid, midwest boy, someone you can always depend on, a loyal and hardworking employee.
And he had a great sense of you must if you were going to work for someone like Nero Wolfe.

"He also does Wolfe's bookkeeping and banking, types his correspondence, and keeps the germination and other records for the orchids Wolfe raises as a hobby. Archie's hobbies include dancing (usually at the Flamingo), poker, and baseball. He was a fan of the New York Giants until they relocated to San Francisco in 1957, then later became a fan of the New York Mets when that team was founded in 1962.

Unlike his employer, Archie has only one conspicuous eccentricity: his favorite drink is milk."
So long as he does not drink out of the carton!
I will even forgive him that thing about the Mets, because we all know that he should be a Yankees fan.

In my mind, Archie was the full package. Good looking, smart, funny, gainfully employed.
Ok, there  is the name thing. Archie. Really.
Is that short for something? Archibald? Ok, that might be a deal breaker.
It is already a nickname, so what will I call him. Arch? ChiChi?
I'm not sure, but I think we could have worked it out.

As we went to a Yankees game...


  1. The name could definitely be a deal breaker ;)

  2. It would bring Archie Bunker to mind and that's not a good thing. Really, how could a mother give an innocent baby the name "Archibald"? Horrible!
    But then calling him ChiChi would smack of ChiChi Rodriguez pronounced a la Les Nessman. Remember him?

  3. Love the choice. Here's mine:

  4. Great choice! :)

    Here's mine:

  5. I thought you meant Archie from the comic books. I don't know your Archie at all.

  6. well kathy, you should pick up a Nero Wolfe books and meet him!

  7. I've not read these books, but the name would be an obstacle for shallow little me. Archie Bunker, Archie and Jughead, no matter. I think my biggest literary crush would have to be Jack Reacher. I want him to save me from something.

  8. be sure to pack a toothbrush for him!


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