Monday, August 29, 2011

Musing Monday...20 Questions on a Monday Morning

Hey folks! Ok, it is not actually 20 question but it is about as many as i can handle this morning. I have some Irene cleanup to be doing, but I will drop in for a minute to check out this week's Musing Monday from Should Be Reading!

This week’s musing is… a book meme!
What was the last book you…

• borrowed from the library?
• bought?
• cried over?
• disliked and couldn’t finish?
• read & loved?
• got for review? (or: got in the mail?)
• gave to someone else?
• stayed up too late reading?

Oh, it is times like this I love my Library Thing, because to tell you the truth, there is NO way I could even start to answer this question otherwise

borrowed from the library? Backseat Saint by Joshilyn Jackson. I borrowed it as an audio book, because while I am not a huge audio fan, I loved the other audio book read by the author that I borrowed. I really must get to that one.
bought? The Arranger by L.J. Sellers. Really enjoyed this book. I bought it as a Nook e-book, as i remember because it was really cheap on a special, but I must say it was very good.
cried over? Oh, that is a harder on. I have to back so, so far. I will admit I will cry over a Hallmark commercial but rarely with a book. It was Night Road by Kristin Hannah. Sure, maybe it was rather predicable but I cries like a baby.
disliked and couldn’t finish? Deadfolk by Charles William. I did not finish it and did not review it on my blog, but I did review it on Amazon, since it was a vine book. I believe I said there that i disliked it as much as i have ever disliked a book. The dialect was unreadable, the story, hasty and violent and pointless. Uuugh.
read & loved? Oh, that is hard. I have read many I like a lot and would recommend. But the last one that I gave 5 stars to on Library thing was Killer Move by Michael Marshall. Did I review it? I am not sure, because honestly I have read so so many books recently that I have not reviewed. But it was REALLY good, I know that.
got for review? (or: got in the mail?) A Trick of the Light by Louise Penny that I received for Amazon Vine
gave to someone else? Like loaned? Because I loan most of my 'real' books to my SIL and loaned her my Nook so she could read all the Karen Slaughter books I bought...and loved. Not sure what she is thinking of them yet but she has a bunch to read.
stayed up too late reading? That would be The Arranger again. Something I rarely do but I did with this one.


  1. I love getting books for some spurious reason, like it's on special, and then discovering I really like it. Good luck with your Irene cleanup!

  2. I haven't read any of those books.. This one took me a little while to think about. To find out my answers check out My Monday Musing.

  3. I went through a period of reading lots of Karin Slaughter - her books were quite sick in a way but I couldn't put them down. The stories and plots were great. Now I feel like I need another one!!

  4. I have Kristin Hannah's "Night Road" setting in my bookcase waiting to be read, Now I am anxious to read it. Don't know why I put off reading it for so long, she is one of my favorite authors.

  5. Jill, if you would like to get a rake and a saw an head

    Lori, another reason everyone should be using Library Thing!

    Book gatherer...yes, Slaughter books can be a bit strong...but it thing most of the stories are very well done, with some great characters.
    sadly, i have read them all now!

    Gigi Ann, I never read any of her books before, but I will admit I really liked this one..and yes, it made me cry. {{sob}}

  6. Did you get a lot of damage post-hurricane? Hopefully, it is just a clean-up for you :)

    Here's my Weekly Meme: Musing Mondays (August 29) post!

  7. This was fun! I can't remember the last time I checked a book out of the library. :/

  8. I like these questions. I'll have to save them and do them sometime when I have nothing to write about! (And it will give me time to research my answers.)

  9. Great answers! Kristin Hannah is always good. I love her books.

  10. I might have to try 'The Arranger'. Thanks for stopping by my site!


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