Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Cooking...Newark Hot Dog

Sadly, few of you are lucky enough to have been raised in picturesque Newark, New Jersey, unlike this humble blogger. Yes, there were a few minuses, like it being the car-jacking capital of the USA. Put there were pluses like..awww...well, a lovely collection of cherry blossom trees in the US, in Branch Brook Park. "More than 2,000 cherry trees that blossom during April are greater both in variety and number than the famed Washington, D.C., display the result of a 1927 gift from Mrs. Felix Fuld and the Bamberger family."

And...awww...a really big airport! And a  beautiful French Gothic Catholic cathedral.

And the Newark Hot Dog!

What is a Newark Hot Dog you ask? Well, you take what is already not a very healthy food, the hot dog, and up the damage. I have included a chart to explain the construction.

First, you need the right bread. You need a bread that can stand up to this sandwich without falling apart.  For this sandwich, the bread they used is referred to as pizza bread. It is sort of the love child of a pita and a pizza crust. A flat round loaf, maybe 10" in diameter, that is sliced in half, and then packed with the rest of the greasy goodness.

The hot dogs, either one or two, are deep fried and when the skin is crispy, placed in the bottom of the pocket. One other point here. If you cut the loaf in half, the resulting sandwich is a "whole", containing two hot dogs. If you take a quarter of the loaf, insert one hot dog, that is a "half". Clear?

Ok, let's move on. On top of the hot dog, you add a nice little pile of sauteed peppers and onions. Then, on top of the veggies, you stuff in a nice pile of deep fried chunks of potatoes. They should have to be stuffed in there. Some places, like Jimmy Buff's , lean toward thick slices, others, like my personal favorite, Dickie Dee's, use big chunks, crispy on the outside, soft and delicious inside....hmmmm.
Then the completed sandwich is topped with mustard and ketchup.
Yes, both, unless you request otherwise.
But if you say you want "the works", that will include mustard and ketchup.

There is then the issue of beverage. Some feel the sandwich calls for a grape soda. I think the chemicals help cut the grease. Many at Jimmy Buff's seem to lean toward the Yoo Hoo. Personally, I think a birch beer is the perfect compliment if available.

Now, as well as hot dogs, you can get Italian sausage given the same "Newark" treatment.  Personally, that is my favorite, with only ketchup, although for those who have an issue with making decisions, on a recent visit to Jimmy Buff's, I notice you can also get a Combo, with both a hot dog and sausage.
Is that gilding the lily?

This is my contribution this to this week's Weekend Cooking.
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  1. Never heard of this before.Thanks for enlightening us. Sounds like an occasional treat not a steady diet kind of food. That bread looks delicious! I think I'd go for the Italian sausage myself. I don't suppose there are any places really close to I-95 that serve this delight. It would be worth trying on the next "big trek north". Happy eating!

  2. I'll take a half with sausage, no ketchup (only mustard). Thanks! Oh a birch beer or regular beer will do nicely. Yummmmm. Now I don't have to eat for a week.

  3. Okay, I have had the coney dog, the Chicago dog and now I am going to have to try the Newark Dog! I have never heard of this but, i will definitely try it!

  4. This sounds like the perfect reason to visit Newark. Your dog would solve my biggest complaint about hotdogs - those soft little buns that leak through and fall apart halfway through eating them. A decent hotdog deserves a decent bun. Adding potatoes sound good too.

    I love the fun way you wrote this post.

  5. this "bun" will not leak.
    The issue with the Newark dog is overstuffness...some people [raising hand] remove and eat some of the potatoes first to make it biteable.

    Near 95? well, Newark is close to 95.
    Dickie Dee's...Bloomfield Ave. Not that far.
    Just watch out for those carjackers.

  6. We don't have anything like this in Chicago. My husband would love this, and that's all I'm going to say about his eating habits!

  7. Wow, 28 years as a New Jersey resident & I never heard of a Newark hot dog before. Sounds ... filling!

  8. Wowie, deep fried hot dog! Sounds bad and good at the same time. I'll have one, hold the ketchup!

  9. exactly...cvery bad...and very good! lol

  10. I was with you except for the peppers and onions. Seems weird to have the potato in the hotdog but I' sure it's good. But yes, definitely NOT healthy. Have you seen the dishes restaurants serve on Man VS. Food?? Crazier than the Newark Hot Dog!

  11. hahahahahha nice diagram. the peppers and onions are dancing :)

  12. I have family in Newark and have visited there a few times, but they have never mentioned the "Newark Hot Dog". Shame on them!! It sounds amazing and I'd love to try one!

  13. Ellie, I have two words for you.
    Dickie Dee's
    Bloomfield Ave.

    MK, happy someone appreciated my drawing.
    Yes, the peppers and onions are dancing because they are so happy to be going on the sandwich!

  14. Wow that looks great. The gang at Boner Billy’s is working hard to bring
    Its line of hot dogs, and themed apparel products to market. When we run across outstanding information like this, we are inspired and full of good ideas, great job!

  15. I kid you not: Mr. Jenners was watching some Travel Channel special on hot dogs (Hot Dog Paradise I think it was called) and the featured this exact hot dog and Jimmy Buffs! You should look for it

  16. It sounds like y'all take your hot dogs seriously. You need to go to Phenix City, AL on your travels and try a scramble dog.

  17. I am in no way a fan of hot dogs but that sounds delicious, especially the puffy potatoes on top! If I'm ever in Newark I know where I'm heading. I like your choice of Birch Beer.


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