Monday, December 20, 2010

Lighthouse Become Ice House

Now, although it has been quite awhile since I have written a lighthouse post, I saw this video and just had to share.

On a beautiful summer day, there is something very attractive about a lighthouse, but what about in the winter? Well, some lighthouses, it seems can have there own particular winter beauty, a cold and icy beauty.
It has been a bit cold along the East Coast of the US recently, but if you really want to experience cold and snow, drop by the Great Lakes. It seems the recent unusually cold temperatures and strong winds have turned one lighthouse, Cleveland's Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse, located on Lake Erie, into a frigid but spectacular site.


  1. Love lighthouses, love cold weather and snow, but wind is something I can do without, particularly when this is the result. Beautiful to look at though........

  2. I saw this a little while ago on the news, it looks beautiful. It had to really cold to get that way. I lived in Alaska for many years but this still makes me go brr.

  3. I saw this on the news! Really puts a chill in your bones, doesn't it?

  4. Those pictures hit the UK news as well.

    It is reminiscent of something that Disney would dream up as part of a new attraction, rather than what it truly is ......'Icehouse'? Now there's a thought!!!


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