Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sammy Sunday 2

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  1. awwww. Another cutie!! I hope this will be a weekly posting. He looks like he might have some Bichon genes too. We had one for 11 years...great dogs!!

  2. He's just sooooo cute! He looks quite pensive in this pic - is he just being a good model or is he thinking up some doggy mischief?

  3. Oh he is sooooooooooooo cute....can Jack come over and play? Does he run around in circles? The Bichon Blitz is so cute to watch!

  4. the vet thinks he is largely Bichon..and he is rather pensive. I think I said last week that he was a stray and it seems he has had a rough time, resulting in a few medical issues, like broken teeth, that will have to be dealt with.
    But he is starting to relax and starting to play and starting to see that he now has a loving and secure home...even if that Other Dog, the also handsome Bandit comes home most weekends just to drive him nuts!

  5. he is happy to have it confirmed. I think he has self esteem issues.


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