Monday, September 6, 2010

Musing Monday...One More Minute Mr. Grim Reaper, I have to Finish This Chapter!

This week's question, as always from the mind of MizB at Should Be Reading. I used the B&W Musing Monday picture rather than the pretty green, happy one because folks, this is a bit of a serious question...

This week’s musing is about what’s most important to you!
I recently read this book called “One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life” by Kerry & Chris Shook. And, the book really made me think… It basically inspired today’s MM question:

If you knew you only had 30 days left to live, would books and reading still hold such a great priority in your life? Or, would you set aside your reading to do something else, spend more of your time elsewhere? What would you do, instead?

Oh my, such a  thoughtful question for a beautiful holiday weekend!
What would I do? Well, as I started to write this, the TV is on and that commercial from GE, with the head of GE and some other very rich, very successful guy are playing with radio controlled airplanes and he says something to the effect that if you are not having fun, you are in the wrong job.
So needless to say, I would not be going to work.
Not sure that I would quit..I might need my medical insurance.
I just would not show up. I figure it would take them more than a month to find me.

Oh sure, I know you are all going to say the whole spending more time with those near and dear to us. But really, is that all you are going to do? Make a pest of yourself, hanging around them 24/7/...30? Do they know you are going to die? They might kill you before the 30 days are up otherwise.
I speak only for myself of course.

Well, I for one would be on a plane ASAP to see a few places I have always wanted to see.
Just because.
The Grand Canyon for example..and I would go out on that glass shelf they built that sticks out over the canyon. If I didn't know I would die soon, I would be too scared to do it. I think a trip in a hot air balloon, maybe over beautiful Vermont would be on the list. Otherwise, I am too chicken.

Would I be reading? My first though was no! I would not have the time, I would not want to 'waste' the time. And while I certainly would cut back, without question, would I do not reading at all?? Really??
Now I am not so sure. I love to read, it is my great relaxing time waster hobby, and I might need a little relaxing with the Grim Reaper knocking at the door. And sort of to echo the GE man again, if it is not important to me now, for whatever reasons, should I be spending so much time doing it now?

Besides, I have a couple of series I want to finish!


  1. LOL. Your posts always crack me up!

    Sorry to get so serious on a holiday -- I actually forgot it was going to be a holiday when I wrote the post a couple of days ago. ;)

    And, you're probably right about family wanting to strangle each other if they spent all of that time together in the last 30 days -- so maybe I'd do like you, too, and go off to do some travelling as well as spending more time with family. :P

    As for my reading, I never said I'd give it up TOTALLY... but just that it'd take a backseat. I could never TOTALLY give up my books, are you kidding? LOL


  2. If I have made one person smile today, my work here is done! ;-)

  3. I am not sure that I am in the right frame of mind to answer this question today, as my first reaction was to fly to a deserted island and stay by myself - I have been a little stressed lately by family members :)

    I don't think I would quit my job, but I would definitely scale back. I would teach two or three classes that I really love, and ask them to find someone else to teach the others.

    Travel would be very high on the list!!

  4. I think the right idea is to do a few additional things, but let's not cut out books completely.

    Solitude is good, even when you're dying, and books are a great companion.

    Here's what I wrote:

    Click my name for URL

  5. Yes, I'd spend some time with loved ones, but I'd also go bungee jumping and hot air ballooning and go see the Vatican. I'd probably not focus on reading, but I'd need something to keep me busy while I was doing all that flying around, right?

  6. I would probably not change much. I would continue just the way I am now. It would be nice to visit family one last time. And than come home and enjoy my last week or two doing all my normal things I do now.

  7. Like you , my family and I would get on each others nerves. I think I would read more. Here's My Monday Musing.

  8. I hope I never have to ponder something like this in real life! I guess I'd be reading medical journals, searching for a cure.

  9. I have to admire your practicality in answering this question ... running away instead of quitting, not spending the ENTIRE time with your loved ones.

    And that glass shelf thing? Terrifying!!

    I think the better question might be, you're going to die in 30 days, what books will you pick to read during that time?

  10. I think if you would do some drastically different than what you do every day...well, you have to wonder why.
    Gramma Ann, I have to admire that you wouldn't have to.

    But to tell the truth, I would not spend one minute of those 30 days at work...not that I hate my job, I don't...come on, I only have 30 days. but yes, in a practical sense, I don't want to lose my running seems a good idea. :-)

    Molly, you are lucky to have part of your job you love...don't think I have ever had that experience. reading..that would be like you were half dead already!

    Lori, I have not read all the answer but you may be the only person who said they would read more!

    Sandy, I will take your suggestion and add the Vatican to my list. I would be spend more time in church anyway...

    Kathy, I will hire you to research...while I get on a plane.

    Jenners, I am nothing if not practical, with my cold, hard heart.

  11. Hhehe love your musing!

    I don't think any of us could stop reading even if we tried :)

  12. I love your comments. I'd have to read, at least some. It's one of the things I love. Yes, I'd want to spend time with family, but really only the ones I truly enjoy being around.


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