Monday, June 7, 2010

Musing Monday

I am all confused today. I was away for the weekend, off for a little trip to the Catskills in NY and..I was totally without the Internet! Yes, barely three days and yet I have hundreds of e-mails and countless posts on my Google Reader.
So that is what I blame for the fact that I forgot it was Monday and that I need to Muse! Not too late, so off we go to check out this week's question at Should Be Reading...

Where is your most often used (favorite) reading spot? Do you have more than one? What makes your favorite spot just that?

Share pictures if you have them!

My very, very favorite place to read is...wherever I am with a book and a bit of time!

Which is why you should always have a book on hand. You never know when an opportunity may arise and you should be ready. Otherwise you may waste the time!

At home, I usually read either in my recliner or a living room chair. I rarely read in bed just because I tend to fall asleep and if I fall asleep, damage might occur to my book! If I am horizontal, I am soon asleep and the book might end up anywhere. If it is nice out, I sometimes read outside in my hammock, but there again there is a danger of book injury due to dropping after falling asleep. But at least the distance to the ground is small and the grass is soft.

I read at work. I have mentioned this before, but when I work nights and weekends I have a fair bit of 'free' time, as I monitor things, when I get get some reading in.
Honestly, I often get my best reading there because away from a lot of everyday distractions and tied to my desk, I can concentrate.

But then you have the many serendipitous reading opportunities, never to be missed. A doctor's appointment, an oil change, waiting for a prescription to be filled, even a long line if you can read while standing...

a book plus some free time is the best place to read!


  1. I agree....always keep a book with you. Love your book pile!

  2. Great spots. I too always have a book on hand. Getting a smartphone was one of the best things I've ever done. Thank for sharing.

  3. I am just in awe of the pile of books by your recliner :)

  4. I'm with you - anywhere you have the time, is a great place to read!

  5. that is one of the small should see the rest.

  6. Your pics look so comfy! I love to read in bed :)

  7. Hey caite! After some careful consideration I've decided that after my couch and bed, the top place that I usually end up reading is on public transportation. I am never going to be that person who can just wait and stare aimlessly at the sky. I can be waiting anywhere from 15min to an hour for a bus or a metro so why wouldn't I pull out a book?

  8. You mean you don't like falling asleep and having the book drop onto your face while reading in bed? (Happened to me quite a few times.)

    And I'm with you: whenever and wherever!

  9. yes my kindle fits nicely in my bag and I can take it out anywhere I find myself with a minute to spare *teehee*


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