Monday, January 11, 2010

Musing Monday...Books, Books, Drowning in a Sea of Books.

Let's check out today's Monday Musing question from Just One More Page

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about tidy bookshelves.
Are your bookshelves strictly books only? Or have knick-knacks invaded? Do your shelves also shelve DVDs? Photos? Why not snap a photo – I’m sure we all like to spy on other’s shelves!

In my dreams, my shelves are neat and tidy, decorated with a few decorative items. This picture above, taken awhile ago and posted here before, comes closest to what I mean. But of course, time does not stand still. Which means, it went downhill from here. But first, yes, I have a few items on my bookshelves, besides books.

There are CD, in their own tidy little cubbyholes. Actually, since they are all on my iPod, I should just box them away, but nothing else will fit so nicely in those shelves. So they stay.

Then there are the wee lighthouses. I try to get one of each lighthouse I have visited. But I am starting to realize this might get out of hand too, so we will see about that. Maybe they need their own spot. Where that would be, I know not. A bigger house?

Then there is my favorite orange bowl and Book Clock.

From there, it is all downhill, neatness, organization wise. There is the top of the stairs pile.

There is the next to the bookcase pile. Which is next to the double shelved shelves, as you might notice.
There is the "I used to be somewhere else and now I am here" pile.

...and, of course, my favorite...the next to my chair pile.

There are, in fact, some other shelves, some other piles. But I think I have exposed enough for today. I am beyond the tidiness I desire. When I build that new bookcase upstairs, maybe I will share.


  1. I love your bookshelves. It's a pretty amazing design. I like how many people use the stairs to hold books. Great use of the space, I say.

  2. Your shelves are awesome, and I'm glad to see others like you with an overwhelming number of books to read just in case all the libraries and bookstore some day disappear...LOL

  3. Mae, in my mind, any flat surface is a possible book shelf.

    Diane, I wish they were more tidy, but I must say all my books do give me a feeling of Hey, all the bookstores and libraries might disappear. It could happen, and I will be good for years!

  4. You are so brave to post these pictures! Thank you - you've made me feel better about my stacks.

  5. Great shelves there. Love your lighthouse collection too!

  6. Eeek! Are they that bad?? ;-)

  7. It warms my heart to see another person with stacks of books all over like mine. lol. Love your bookshelf though; I could do a lot with one like that. I've pretty much got books on any flat surface at this point and I'd even use the stairs if not for the dog.

  8. I am glad I can help all the book pile challengers throughout blogland.

  9. I don't see my town's lighthouse, come visit! You are brave to take pictures of the piles. I didn't do that, it would have been a long, long post! LOL

  10. It grieves me that I have books stacked on the floor, so it does console me just a little bit. There are a couple of stacks there that are an immediately threat to kitty.

  11. I like your bookshelves! And I love seeing everyone's piles; it makes me feel so much better! :P

  12. Wow! I'm suddenly all envious - Your bookshelves remind me of home!! At the moment, I have a tiny book case at the moment (which is overflowing), and just one stack of about eight books on my window sill.

    I also love the book clock!!

  13. 'Nise, I may be awhile until I make my way west.

    Sandy, I feel your pain. They all need shelves. or new homes.
    kitty is very, very careful.

    Melody, so glad I could

    Rebecca, only if you take a book when you leave.

    anothercookie, they are a bit of a mess, but I would miss them...

  14. Wow, what a fabulous set of bookshelves you have. Your lighthouses are really wonderful too. A few stray penguins have wandered onto my shelves . . ..just don't know how that happens.

  15. I loved this little glimpse into Caite's world! And I can take some of those books off your hands if you wish! HAHA!

  16. Kaye, I think penguins do that, the little devils.

    Jenners, do you have a trailer hitch?

  17. wow, you have a great library!
    and I like the lighthouses.

  18. I love your pictures! :-) There is no more room on my bookshelves for anything but books! :-)


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