Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Very Weak Musing Monday Answer...Weak I Tell Ya.

Let's check out this week's question from Rebecca at Just One more Page

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is a library habits meme…courtesy of MizB: {{{Oh no, the library again... :-O }}}

1) If you don't frequent your local library, why not? Frequent is not the word I would use, since I infrequently frequent my local library. Why not? Well, because I don't really need any more books at the moment. Or for the next few years, I think. I seem to have acquired books faster than I read them and have a wee backlog.

2) If you do visit the library, how often do you go? I think we covered that...infrequently. To be totally honest, it has maybe been twice this last year.
Libraries are wonderful could they not be, since they are full of books and they let you take them home and read them! So I am rather ashamed to say it. ;-)

3) Do you have a favorite section that you always head to first, or do you just randomly peruse the shelves? Well, on the times I do visit, I go to one of two places. Mysteries or new releases. Ideally, I want a book that is both, a new mystery! Woo Hoo!

4) How many books are you allowed to check out at one time? Do you take advantage of this? You know, I have no idea. So, I checked out the web site and they say "BOOKS - unlimited number (maximum of three on one topic)..."
5) How long are you allowed to have the books checked out?"...for three week loan."
6) How many times are you allowed to renew your check-outs, if at all? "may be renewed as long as they are not on request for another person. You may renew by phone. You may renew items, up to four times, on your own from a PAC terminal in the library or from your own computer using the Library Catalog." Who knew? this seems very generous!

7) What do you love best about your particular library? Well, it is pretty close's close. And it is full of books...My branch, the one nearest, is quite small and not terrible exciting. So love seems a bit strong.
8) What is one thing you wish your library did differently? Again, because I am rarely there, I am not familiar enough with how they do things to be unhappy with how they do things. As far as I know, they are doing everything just right!

9) Do you request your books via an online catalogue, or through the librarian at your branch? I am an online shopper, so of course I have used the online catalog. I mean, if I ask the librarian, well, first I would have to get dressed and go TO the library and then she or he would most likely go on their computer and access the same program. And, as I mentioned, there is the whole getting dressed part!

10) Have you ever chosen a book on impulse (from the online catalogue OR the shelves) and had it turn out to be totally amazing? If so, what book was it, and why did you love it? Gosh, I wish I had a great answer to this one, but I don't really. I even considered making one up, but that seemed...well, dishonest.

Ok, as I said, I am rather ashamed to admit that I am not really a library user these days and my answer therefore is quite weak and uninteresting.
I could have made up a much better


  1. I only recently starting going to the library again after a long hiatus!

    They're great, but also frustrating when you can't just keep the books forever. Good luck ploughing through your TBR pile!

  2. yes, that is the central problem with have to give them

  3. You are funny! I am a big user of my library, especially for the audios, which are so expensive otherwise. Our library has a program where we can browse and order books online, then are delivered to our home within a week by courier. Now, who knows, with budgetary issues abound, how long this will continue, but I'm riding the wave for as long as possible. Sometimes, when I don't plan ahead well enough, I have to do emergency runs to the library in person. The kids love to go. Plus they have a wonderful cafe! Rah, rah, rah! That is my best cheering for the lovely libraries of America!

  4. I could copy and past your answers - it's like you read my mind!

  5. I love the library! Here's a link to my answers.

  6. Funny answers! Sometimes I think I abuse my library rights because I check out so many books but I do return things on time.

  7. Books delivered to your house by courier? Holy moly! It's amazing, Sandy that we live in the same state. of course, I live in the absolute podunk part where there is hardly any civilization. Caite, I hope you don't have to dress up to go to work. Sounds like you have an aversion to it ( getting dressed, not working)Have a good week

  8. Sandy, yes, I am at times funny. thank you for noticing. ;-)
    and it is wonderful for the future of libraries that kids love them. but wait...a cafe??
    obviously, I am going to the wrong library.

    Kathy, yes, I did in fact read your mind and stole the entire answer from you. darn...

    will check that out Susan...

    Juliann, the library folk most likely love it. getting those circulation numbers up!

    Kaye, I saw on my county library web site that they will mail them to you. not quite a courier...but still.
    aversion to getting dressed? ((can she see I am still in my PJs? and how does she know my dress code at work? ))

  9. well . . . you were honest :) loved your answers. my musings

  10. Well the good thing is that the library will always be there (hopefully!).

  11. well, one can hope.
    in bad economic times though, we have to realize we readers are in the minority and when there is only so much money to go around...


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