Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HELP!! It Tuesday Thinger!!

Oh, we all need a bit of help from time to time, and Library Thingers are no different as Wendi, at Wendi's Book Corner, discusses in this week's Tuesday Thinger.

Many of you will probably already know this, but there is now a Help button on all the Library Thing pages! The LibraryThing Blog created a post on the new feature called HelpThing: Member-driven Help. This week's post is more of a challenge - I challenge you to go to a page and click the help button to see what comes up!

Questions: Did you use the Help button? Did you get some good information on the page you were on? Did you use the edit feature to add/edit any of the information on the page?

Yes, I was already aware of the Help Button, having read about it some time this week on the LT blog and checked it out.
Of course, because I love Library Thing and all things LT, I think it is wonderful!

Ok, really, I do think it is a very good thing. I will admit, when I first joined Library Thing, I found the site a wee bit confusing. It took awhile to find my way around, to figure out all the features available. But the good thing, as I have mentioned before, is that the people that run LT take suggestions for improvements seriously and, as with all things LT, they are discussed thoroughly in groups there, before, during and after the feature is introduced. Groups like Recommend Site Improvements and Common Knowledge, WikiThing, HelpThing allow every Library Thinger to be a part of the process. And perhaps he most interesting thing is that lots of them want to be. Take the HelpThing...as our leader, majority owner, man in charge Tim said on The LibraryThing Blog...
"HelpThing started as a "stealth project" by LibraryThing programmer Chris (ConceptDawg). It took a while before I was convinced of the idea.

While I was ignoring the idea, however, members were busy realizing it, official sanction or no. Most of the content was written by LibraryThing member fyrefly98, with contributions from mvrdrk. A somewhat separate—but integrateable—guide to collections was produced by PortiaLong and Lquilter. These members, and the others who helped them, are simply awesome...."
It is it's members involvement and interest, and TPTB encouragement of that interest that makes Library Thing a great site.

Now, I have not make any additions to the Wiki Page yet, assuming like Wendi mentions, that there are people out there more qualified and more knowledgeable than I to do that. But if I ever think of anything....

...and speaking of great, you just know it is time for our weekly Bandit picture. Bandit and his mom, my niece, have been home for the summer from the Sunshine State where they (OK, just she) attends college. The niece has been working this summer as an intern, in fact for the same utility company I work for, but in a different office. Seemingly a more fun office, because it is one where wee Bandit was able to pay a wee visit in his little puppy dog carrier. I like to call this picture...

Bandit(Jack) In The Box!!

...and be sure to check out wee Bandit's Very Own Blog, the world from down here!


  1. I've made some minor additions to the Common Knowledge site for a few books, but even that made me a little nervous. Don't think I'll be doing any real editing at LT anytime soon.

    Bandit is such a cutie! I would think he'd be welcome in any office!

  2. I tried to find the help button, but didn't see it. Obviously, I really need lots of help!

  3. he is very cute, popping out of his little box....oh, you cute little Bandie Jack...

    I do add to the Common Knowledge on a regular basis. I want the helper badges!

    Kathy, it is in the upper right hand corner of every page. where is says "Help" ;-)

  4. I'm not very helpful! I love how's he's popping our of the box!!


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