Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagging Your Tuesday Away..with Tuesday Thinger

Driving home from Canada and going right to work the same day I got home might not have been the best idea. Maybe that is why my poor back is acting up a bit. But better it happen on 'work' time than vacation time...lol
Well, time to get back on the blog train. So let's see what this week's question is on Tuesday Thinger from Wendi's Book Corner...

Questions: Do you tag? If so, do you tag for your own purposes (make lists, sort, clouds, etc)? Do you tag to help classify a book (historical fiction, self-help, sci-fi, mystery, etc)? What is the most helpful thing for you about tagging?

Yes, I do tag my Library Thing Books. It is one of my favorite things about LT in fact. So neat, so organized, so tidy. Such a great way to waste time.

As with so many things, my tagging is all about me. Most often it is to help me find a book in my library. You know, if you have read a book about say...pirates...and you can not quite remember the name because, of course, you have read so, so many pirate books, you go to your tag list, click on pirates and there are all your pirate books. But then maybe you need to cut the list further, so you look for books tagged pirate and South Seas. Because there are so many pirate books as I mentioned.

Also, in my never ending quest to keep my books straight, I use tagging to help me locate a book. For example, library books, the few that I take out, are tagged as such, so I don't spent hours looking for one in my house that is no longer here. The same with books I have Mooched out or have left me in some other ways. Including industrial accidents or being eaten by dogs.
Yes, eaten by dogs. That happen twice.

It is also fun to look at how other people have tagged a book that you have or are thinking of acquiring. Sometimes you can get a very interesting idea of how other see a book by how they tag it and how big or small the tags are. Because if you use LT, I am sure you know that on the book main page, where the tags others have used are listed, the larger the font of the tag, the more common it is. I think it can give you a real feel for a book. Take, for example, The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins. Very mystery, very British, very classic, quite Victorian...not so much romance, not so much a thriller but still a bit.

Then, you can also click on one of those tags and see what are the most commons books with that tag. The most commonly tagged with 'mystery' as an example? Brace yourselves....don't say it...oh no....The DaVinci Code.
Just goes to show that just because you like a certain type of book, you have to take some tagging with a grain of salt.

And then, there are the odd tags. You look at the tag on some books and you see something very odd and it is amusing to try and figure out what the owner could have meant. You have to think it has some meaning to them but sometimes is it impossible to know what.

And while you are there, you can see related Tagmashes, and books recently tagged with that tag and related tags and who has the most books with that tag. So taking 'Victorian' as another example, you can see the member 'meburste' has 967 books with that tag (of a total of 6902 books!!wow),there are 68 books tagged "England, historical fiction, Victorian" and then you can get that list and start looking at each of them and before you know it, lunch time is here and you are still in you PJs.

Library Thing...a wonderful way to waste a lot of time! Hmmm...do you think they are looking for a new slogan?

And now for your weekly doggie picture.
Gosh, I think I am out of really cute Bandit pics at the moment. What to do, what to do?? Well, here is an oldie, his very first picture when he was just a baby Bandit, not the big boy, relatively speaking, he is now. Sooo cute.....

...and another of the Miramichi River, NB Canada, the home of the Tiny Fish.


  1. Puppy! E..hem.

    So, tags. Yeah, I like them to keep me organized. I need to invest some more time in them probably.

  2. oooo cute puppy!

    I use tags, but I don't only use them when I'm reviewing something on librarything/goodreads. Guess I should put them more to use. My blog is filled with tags though :D

  3. I don't use tags. Someone suggested it to me, but I'm too lazy to do it, and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

  4. I get on tagging kicks...and I am way better about adding them on LT than on my blog.

    Bandit is still very cute, but when I look at his baby pic...oooooh.

  5. I'm going to try to remember to tag my books from now on. I want to put baby Bandit in my pocket and take him home with me.

  6. Tagging is fun! really...lol

    but Bandit is funner...lol

  7. HI KIK. its hard for me to get on the net. grandpop's always hogging it. i think ill send you some more pictures of myself now 0:-).

    ...come play with me!!! where are you!?!?

  8. Ahh, Wee Caite, you are SO amusing. I'm not too sure LT would be amused with your suggested slogan. Hmm, I think I'll go look for penguin tags. Sigh, so many important things to do!

  9. Baby Bandit is sooooo cute!
    And I hope your back feels better ... but, yes, better to have it happen AFTER vacation.

    And you and your Library Thing posts ... they just amuse me to no end. I'm a terrible tagger. But perhaps I should feel freer to use tags that are just for me! You've set me free to tag as I see fit!

  10. Remember, it is ALL about you!

    at least on Library Thing.....


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