Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Giggles When I Tell You Where I Live...But Tuesday Thinger Makes me Smile!

How that I have interested at least a couple of you in the wonder that is Library Thing, let's check out this week's Tuesday Thinger at the wonderful Wendi's Book Corner...

Questions: When you click on the Local tab, do you see any information? Do you find the information you see useful? Have you added any information? If you don't already use the Local tab, is it something you would use more often if there were more events listed?

"Once you have set up your location (in your profile I believe), you can go to the Local tab and see different venues (bookstores, libraries, etc) and events (book signings, book readings, etc).

There is a trick to using the local tab! SOMEONE has to put the information in there."

Yes, there is the problem. Either I am the only LibraryThinger who lives in the cultural wasteland that is South Jersey, or the others are as lazy as I am. Is there any info on my local tab? Why yes, there is! Wow! There are all my local libraries and bookstores and the info seems pretty complete as far as I can see. Now truthfully, that is a little surprising because I seem to remember it was not so complete when I first checked it months ago. Of course, the library in my town is not there..or the one in the next...so good LTer that I am, I entered them. Library Thing is all about lots of people entering tiny bits of information to make a huge pile of information...

Now as to the 'events' there is nothing listed. Not a thing. Sometimes things do show up, but that is only because I widened my 'location' to 60 miles, so as to include Philadelphia. Sometimes things there will show up. Not that I am going to Philadelphia, oh no...because I may live in South Jersey but at heart I am a North Jersey girl. I only venture into Philly when it is an absolute emergency. Like I have to go to Ikea!

This has nothing to do with Library Thing but let me tell you something about my dear state of NJ. Look on a map and you will see it outlined, separated from the surrounding, much larger states of NY and PA. In fact, we are, of course, one of the original 13 states of the USA with a wonderful history. Some beautiful towns, 120 miles of great beaches, numerous historic sites...but in reality, we are just suburbs of NY City and Philadelphia. There is some line in the middle, maybe around Princeton, that decided to which city you owe your allegiance. We watch their TV stations, we read their newspapers, we follow their sport teams. It does not help that people often laugh when the name 'New Jersey' is mentioned. Yes, we in the Garden State suffer from an identity crisis.

Except, if you have been watching the news recently, for our identity as the state with the greatest amount of public official corruption! Hey, it's something!

and speaking of wonderful things in New Jersey, at least until his mom and he go back to school in Florida when the summer is over...Bandit!

Looks like Bandit was at a BBQ, maybe dancing, complete with a very strange party hat! You go Boy!!


  1. Bandit is simply adorable and certainly heightens Jersey's esteem in my eyes. I'm also a huge fan of the shore, some parts more than others but I love it.
    I signed up with Good Reads and it just hasn't clicked for me. Maybe because whenever I look at my name on that site it also says (underneath my name) Friends: 0! lol because I don't feel it's necessary to drag various on-line friends into the site if they don't choose to be there. Since you seem to like Library Things just a wee bit =o) I think I'll check them out!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, reading my review and mostly for reminding me to post the name of the lighthouse!
    Again, great blog you have!

  2. I never noticed that about GoodReads (maybe I was so rarely there)...that is a little embarrassing...lol

  3. At least you can get to civilization. I live in the most podunk town of FL, where culture doesn't even exist! I'd have to drive about 90 miles to Tampa. That's one thing I do miss about living up north. We were only 30 min. from Boston. I didn't even know there was a local tab on LT. Now I'll have to go look. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Hey, MickeyLand (Disney World for the rest of you), the most magical place on earth, is 90 miles from Tampa and I don't want to hear anything bad about MickeyLand.
    Or GatorLand either!!
    Or SeaWorld either!!! :-)

  5. That's it! I need to get a picture of my cats dancing!

  6. My local tab only included bookstores and libraries until someone (me) added an event this morning after reading Wendi's post. I may add more if anyone responds. That Bandit is quite the party animal!

  7. woof, woof!!


  8. Looks like someone might have spiked Bandit's drinking dish LOL

  9. Well, I'm a South Jersey girl too -- and I always say "We're a suburb of Philly." I actually wrote a post about New Jersey on my personal blog that kind of touches on the strangeness that is our state -- here is the link if you are interested.


    As for LT, I never even looked in the local tab or realized it was there!

  10. Bandit, as ALWAYS, is adorable! What a character. :)

    I've never thought of NJ as anything but its own place, but I guess being from the opposite coast, I really haven't been exposed to it - the only thing that comes to mind is the movie Miss Congeniality - lol! That said, I do envy you your state history - the East Coast is so much more CULTURAL than the West Coast! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and participating in Thingers last week! I've got the post up for this week. ~ Wendi


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