Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

I am off to find my eyepatch and a barrel of rum.
Monkeys optional.

with a nod to Happy Catholic


  1. I didn't think of monkeys ... just parrots! Good call on that! :-D

  2. Nuts....caught! I "borrowed" this from your blog and forgot to acknowledge
    I will have you know that I always celebrate this holiday. And yes, it should be a parrot but the monkey refers, in my mind, to my review of "Greetings from Jamaica" below. And Monkeys are way more fun. You make them one of those little suits...and a hat...

    I must say that I am HONORED to have you post here Julie. I have read and enjoyed you blog for a very long time. It is on my very short list of favorites. Of course, it never occurred to me until I started my own humble little blog that commenting there on occasion might be nice.

  3. I don't comment enough on other people's blogs so I know just what you mean. I need to slow down and smell the blogs ... I mean, make the comments. :-)

    I enjoy reading your book reviews, btw. You are out there in a whole range of stuff I haven't come across before so it's interesting.

  4. I have come to realize that if you don't comment, the blogger begins to wonder if there is anyone out there, reading, enjoying their hard work. So I think if you like something, you really should just say so. So of like in 'real life'..

    a whole range of stuff I can't make up my mind? lol
    I love the Jersey shore and I think there are treasures all throughout NJ that even we that live here don't know. Especially lighthouses...but when I finish the 12 or so in NJ I will have to go out of state.

    And I love books. Even though I find myself reviewing now, for good or bad, many books that I might not have read before.


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