Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you up to the challenge? Are ya?

I have heard your cries of “When, Oh good heavens when, is she going to post about another lovely New Jersey lighthouse? Oh when?”

Now first...you really need to be a little less dramatic. Second, your plea has been answered!

I have been very busy, doing some lighthouse field work over the last two weeks. My bad knee was a little mad at me the day I climbed three of them, for about 500 steps on those metal circular stairs. Countless miles driven, with the ocassional stop for refreshment at a Rita's Water Ice. It was very tough. But it was all for you, my lighthouse fans!

Ok, actually it was just because I like lighthouses. And it was a great excuse to mosey around some really scenic waterfront locations and take some nice photos. From Sandy Hook in the north, with a view of NYC in the background, to the marshes (and greenhead flies) of the Delaware Bay in the south I traveled.

So, which of them should I share with you first...choices, choices...

But first, if you happen to actually like lighthouses and live in the NJ area, let me share with you an upcoming lighthouse extravaganza. On the weekend of October 18th and 19th the New Jersey Lighthouse Society will be holding the 9th Annual New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge . In order to raise lighthouse awareness, especially of NJ lights, all are encouraged to visit one or all.

It is a rain or shine, two-day event held during the 3rd weekend in October when 11 land-based lighthouses are open for visitation and climbing. During this weekend, the public is invited to visit any or all of the sites along the Challenge route. For 2008, we are pleased to introduce the addition of 2 new sites to the Challenge route:
-Barnegat Light Historical Museum displaying Barnegat Light's 1st Order Fresnel Lens.
-Cape May County Museum displaying Cape May's 1st Order Fresnel Lens.

At each site visited, participants of the Challenge receive a complimentary souvenir depicting that particular lighthouse. Collect all 13 and you will receive a complimentary "completion" souvenir at your final stop to commemorate your achievement.
So, for the weekend, all the lighthouses will have extended hours for you to visit and some will be open to climb at night. I understand that about 3000 people took part last year. There is no fee to take part, although I will tell you that a good map and a GPS unit would help with finding a couple of them.

And be sure to bring a camera!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see your posts! I love lighthouses.

    Have you ever read anything by Elinor DeWire? She's my favorite lighthouse author.

  2. No, I have not. So, of course, I had to go to Amazon and look her books up. I did control myself and only bought the one on the mid-Atlantic states.

    I wrote about the Cape May lighthouse already, if you missed that. Actually, I did that one first only because I already had some pretty good pictures from a couple of years ago. But now I have pics of nine of the 11 land based NJ lighthouses and all sorts of brochures and stuff.

    So, since someone is actually interested, I will pick one...hmmm

  3. That's one I don't have (It's one my wish list, though!). I really love Guardians of the Lights, which focuses on the history of lighthouse keepers. It's so vivid and engaging. The stories really stay with you.


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