Monday, February 6, 2012

Musing Monday..Manning and Madonna

Wow, another Monday already? Let's see what  MizB at Should Be Reading is asking this week on Musing Monday...

This week’s musing asks…

Did you do any reading in lieu of watching the football game, yesterday, or were you foregoing reading to watch the game? If you read a book (or books) what did you choose?

I would not say I am a football fan.
I have, under pressure and the threat of not being allowed to share in the football food snacks, watched a few games this year. But then my boy Timmy Tebow was out of it and what little interest I had disappeared along with Tim. As did the snacks.

But the Super Bowl...that is different, right.
Even people you have little or no interest in football often watch the game.
Because, first of all, there are the commercials, several of which were pretty good this year.
And many people attend parties, with lots of football snacks.
And there was the Half Time Show, starring Madonna.
Is it just me, or did she look awfully tired. She is getting on in years. Then, she was swallowed up by the giant cloud of smoke. Fitting, since the Giants...WHO PLAY IN New Jersey, NOT New York...won.
Did I mention they play in NJ and, for the life of me, I do not understand why they are not the NJ Giants?

So, it seems I was watching the game, right?
Well, I was, but only because I was at work and I was reading a book on my Nook and I forgot to charge my Nook before I came to work and I did not have the charger with me and I was at work and by the time the game was starting the little battery thingie was showing red and then it died !!!
So, at first, I was reading A Place To Die.
And the battery died. {Darn Evil E-Books!}
So I watched the game.
And now I am going out to search my car and see if maybe I have a book in the back or under the seat. Or something..

Some of you may remember a time when I was prone to ranting about the Evil E-Books. That was before I bought a Nook..then a Color Nook..and got the iPad. Then I gave the ranting up.
However, say what you will about the merits and drawbacks of each format, but one thing for sure...I never had to stop reading a book, a REAL book, because the battery ran out!

Wait! I have my phone. I can read a book on my phone!
Not the one I was reading, because it is a file that I had to convert to a different format and now it appears as a file, not a book, on my Nook and nowhere else. Another problem I never had with a real book.

But I must say, I thought that opening of the half time show was really something. Even if poor Madonna had to be rolled on. Because she is getting on in years, ya know.


  1. seems you had an interesting weekend! See my Musing Mondays here.

    A new follower! I would love, if you could follow my blog at Books Are Magic.

    Vidya @ Books Are Magic

  2. I always watch the Super Bowl, even if I'm not invested (and this year I was not invested). Well, I guess I care about any team that plays the Pats. It is all about the betting pool, which I won $40 from last night. Woo hoo! (Have I told you lately how proud I am that you got an e-reader??? Oh I remember those fighting words about the Kindle way back when...)

  3. But it failed me!
    Or I failed it by not plugging it in...

  4. I want a job where I can read and watch the Super Bowl! lol We went to a Super Bowl party but I didn't watch the game - I just ran my mouth and ate. I love college football but could care less about the NFL.

    Hey, watch what you say about Madonna's age - she's the same age as me!

  5. I bought my charger with me last night for my kindle to watch the game, and I left it there. I'm bummed. I won't get it back till tomorrow lol. Here's my MM.

    Happy Reading!
    Cathy @ Addicted to Books

  6. I pretty much watched the game from the side eye. I go crazy whenever my Kindle dies, it's like I'm so lost without it. :)

  7. That is the one thing I don't care for in the Nook Color, it has to be charged each day. However I can read it while it is charging.

    I didn't watch the game, but later asked hubby who won.

  8. I was reading The Lighthouse by P.D. James and getting regular updates from TBG as to the score. I really was rooting for the Pats but my book was too enticing to actually watch the game.

  9. I was reading Feast for Crows (Fire & Ice #4) with the iPad plugged in .. I am funny that way because my biggest rant about e-readers (prior to owning an iPad) was 'when I read a book I dont have to worry about the battery dying' ...

    I believe they are the NY Giants because thats who they were pre-move to the Meadowlands .. and I also think it has to do with the owners who are New Yorkers .. but hey your governor is giving them a big welcome home I hear ...

  10. I forgot to charge my (first generation) Nook before I took my car to the garage this weekend. It ran out of battery power before my car was done so I can relate to your post!

  11. I watched the game. It's hard not to when you're the ones hosting the get together.

  12. hahahaha I do hate running out of e-power, for sure!!!

    As a family we voted on our fav commercial, so I posted the M&M one, which was fun.

    I totally thought Madonna looked tired. She almost slipped off the bench in those heels when she was stepping up the first time. I was silently encouraging her to hang in there 'til the end the whole performance. Yikes!!

    My What? & Musing:

  13. We had a whole discussion about the NJ Giants too! It is wrong that we don't even get credit for our football team. Urgh.

    And Madonna did look a bit tired … she kind of hid behind all kinds of special effects and about a million co-performers though.

  14. Madonna DID look tired. I thought it was a pretty good show though. Especially Cee Lo's sparkly black robe. Heh.

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