Monday, September 13, 2010

Musing Monday...Watch out Kitty!!

Let's find out what this week's Musing Monday question is, from the desk of MizB at Should Be Reading
This week’s musing asks…
Where do you buy / get most of your books?

It has been awhile since I have mentioned the Towering To Be Read Pile, hasn't it.
My imaginary kitty, Kitty, cowering in the corner from fear it will fall.
I need no books.
I have enough right now, to last me at the rate I read, several years. has only gotten worse since last we spoke of this matter. Because new books still come in and very few leave. I read a review of a delightful sounding book and I am weak and soon looking for a copy. 
Most, unless it is a very new release, I try to buy used from Amazon Marketplace or whatever it is called. $5 with shipping. But I have tried to help the situation in recent months fro using the library when at all possible. If they have a copy, that is my first go-to source these days.

It used to upset me that they wanted the books back.
These days I am happy to send it back.

I figure if it is wonderful and something I really, really want, then I could buy it.
Of course, sometimes I happen upon a book somewhere that I just can't pass up...

Have to go now...I have a ferry to catch!!


  1. Interesting answer. I too, have a pile of books to be read, but, I'm still like buying books.

  2. Ah, reading and acquiring books...a wonderful topic.

    I laugh at your TBR piles description...mine tower, too. They're a little better than they were a year ago, since I developed a blog to help me work my way through...more keep coming in, though. Sigh....

    Here's what I wrote:

    Click my name for the URL....

  3. You know my stacks are out of control. I've been doing a better job of letting go of books, though - I'm taking more to the hospital today.

  4. I just know that one day we will hear about the death of poor Kitty ... crushed under the stacks!

  5. But, doesn't the imaginary kitty like to play in the book towers? :)

    I've been trying to use the library (I go weekly with the kids), but it's hard to ignore those books in the store windows


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