Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bandit Thursday...Bandit Goes Swimming

Dear little Bandit is of mixed heritage. We think part poodle (the black fur, webbed toes) and part Bichon Frise (the white patches, upturned tail with straight hair). But who knows...either way both breeds are known to be good swimmers. But Bandit had never had the chance!

My brother, sister in law and I took him to the beach on Labor Day. Near us is a beach where doggies are allowed, to run and play in the water...and SWIM. Oddly enough it is called Dog Beach. They had taken him the week before, placed him in the water, hoping he would not sink, which, happily he did not. Instead, off he doggie paddled.
This time, he was a swimming fool.
Not quite Lab type swimming fool, but pretty darn good.
And he actually seemed to like it.
And I was there to capture a moment of it.


  1. Just precious! The paddling of his hind legs makes his tail look like it is wagging - showing the pure joy he feels while swimming :)

    We took our lab to the lake for the first time when he was about a year old. We had to practically carry him in the water the first morning, but by the end of the weekend he was leaping off the dock. Good memories...

  2. He is so cute. Our dog hates the water! When we've taken her to the beach, she carefully skirts the water - she doesn't want to get her dainty little toes wet.

  3. Hey, he is quite the swimmer, isn't he? very cute.

  4. What a good boy! Our Lab loved the water. You couldn't get her could just see the joy in her face whenever she would get to play in a lake or at the beach. She would even try to swim in mud puddles.

  5. So cute. It looked like he was riding a wave in. We have an inground pool and my son's dog, a weimareiner, has a panic attack anytime someone jumps or dives in. Bronx will only use the stairs to go in, grabs the person's arm and doggie paddles the victim back to the stairs. Unless we are on a float, we can't swim because he won't let us lol.

  6. Bandit looks like an old pro at swimming - he was really going at it! Looks like the perfect Labor Day for any adorable doggie.

  7. Very cute! Obviously he was enjoying himself!

  8. I love it that there is a beach for dogs! We had to train our dog (a lab) to stay out of the pool except when we told her it was okay!

  9. I love love love watching dogs swim! he is really quite good!

    Where is this beach???? My mom is coming for a visit next week and is bringing her dog with her and wanted to take her swimming in the ocean!!! This would be just perfect for her!


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