Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Bandit Thursday!!

Happy Birthday Bandit!!

ok, this photo may have been slightly retouched. the hat was blue. ;-)

Happy Birthday to you.....
..all gone.

This last Sunday was wee Bandit's 2nd birthday...and as you can see he really enjoy his birthday cupcake. Sings were sung, drinks were drunk, presents were given and a fine time was had by all.

..especially the Birthday Boy Bandit!


  1. Happy Birthday, Bandit! I bet that was some party!!

  2. He is too cute for words! DId you time him on how long it took to demolish the cupcake. It sure looks like he enjoyed it. Happy b'day, Bandit!!

  3. seconds...amazingly, it took just seconds.

  4. Ah....Happy Birthday!

    Of course you realize, Mom, that Bandit has now officially entered the terrible twos in human years - and the teenage years for a canine. Should be a fun time :)

  5. Happy birthday to Bandit! Those pictures are too cute.

  6. happy happy birthday bandit...from me and my momo...that was a blast birthday i think!

  7. Is it insane for me to say that cupcake looks delicious? Makes me want to be an adorable 2-year-old puppy, too!

  8. that is a first rate cupcake from a fancy bakery..

    Sandy, there was Grand Marnier, in a bowl of ice...but for some reason in those picture he looked a little grim.
    he looked better after he drank it.

  9. Hey-- Bandit and I eat a cupcake in the same way!!!

    Happy B-Day Bandit!

  10. How adorable! I hope Bandit's mom got a cupcake too!


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