Monday, January 4, 2010

Musing Monday...On The 11th Day of Christmas!

Oh joy! Yes, it is sad that the Christmas season is almost over, it being the 11th Day of Christmas. But on a happy note, Musing Monday, as ever hosted by Just one more page, is back with the new year. So let's check out this week's question.

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about New Year reading.

With the New Year here already, do you have any reading resolutions or goals (challenges aside) for 2010? Perhaps a new author? Genre? Want to read more non-fiction? Write more reviews?

I don't do goals, I don't do resolutions, I don't do challenges.
I know I am in the minority in the book blogging world with that opinion, but for me, none of those work. If I made a goal and met it, I would say "Ok, that's nice". But if I didn't, I would be upset with myself. And really for what? An arbitrary goal I set. Some people like them, they work for them and that is great. I even enjoy reading about them. But I won't be setting any. In fact...and I am a bit ashamed to say this, I have no idea how many books I read last year or how many I reviewed. I am sure there is some easy way i could figure it out, but honestly, it is of no interest to me.

I read when I can. I read when I want to. I tend to go on spurts when I read a lot and then slack off a bit. Maybe catch up with some Netflix movies or DVR'ed TV shows. Some of it has to do with my work schedule, some of it is just a matter of interest. I don't understand wanting to reach a certain number of books. I might take weeks to read say..Gone With The Wind or War and Peace...or in the same period read 6 YA books or my favorite cozy mysteries. What difference does it make, so long as I am having a great time my dear friends, the books?

Ok Kitty, my dear imaginary kitty, help me down off my soapbox now! ;-)

So have I no goals, reading wise? Well, I do have a few issues.
I have been happy this year to have read a lot of new, to me, authors and genres I might not have chosen before. That I hope to continue.
I would like to catch up on some ARC's I have not yet read from last year. Bad Caite. I will, and hopefully shortly, but ya know, sometimes a girl just has to read what she wants to read.
I also hope to do a better job keeping up on reviewing books that I have read. I have a pile here, read and almost forgotten, that I must get too. I will try not to fall behind so much again. But then I have found I enjoy reading more than writing a review. I try hard to really express my opinion clearly and honestly...maybe I should not try to hard and just write something sometimes. We will see...

But here is the problem. It is the 4th and I have already read three books that are laying here un-reviewed, from this year. I have been home sick the last few days and the TV in my family room has died for the moment, so large amounts of reading have been done now that I am well enough to hold a book and focus on the words. Bad start to the year, review wise. But I loved the books, so it can't be bad.


  1. I'd made some resolutions in the past, but only sticked to some of them anyway... so this year I'm not making any resolutions and will just take my life as it is. ;)

  2. I don't have resolutions per se. I would like to read more classics as well.

    Here is mine

  3. I don't set goals or make resolutions either, but have signed up for quite a few challenges this year even though I'd sworn off of them.

  4. I like to have some sort of plan, even if it's a vague one--read more from my home library is the big one for this year. But, yeah, I'm with you on the challenges and the books read goals.

    The challenges stress me out unnecessarily. I am, however, becoming strangely fond of the idea of retrospective challeges--posting about a challenge once I realize I've read enough to complete it.

    And any kind of numerical goal just seems to put the pressure on to read quickly, even if the book you're reading requires a slower read. If I focused on that, I'd end up either avoiding the long and complex, or I'd read them anyway but not get much out of them. I do, however, like to keep track of my reading, not out of a desire to meet an arbitrary goal, but just out of interest.

  5. Oh Caite, I agree with so much of what you said. I don't do challenges either, so I guess I'm in the minority with you. But I don't mind. Like you, I read what I want, when I want and I do it for fun, not to make a point. Great post!

  6. Oh Caite, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not well! You take good care of yourself: curl up with a huge stack of books, and get better soon.

    I actually thought of you when I wrote this week's question, knowing that you're not a big challenge/resolution type person. I was intereted in how you'd answer the question :)

  7. Melody, I think making defined formal resolutions are just a way of setting yourself up for failure. Or such is my

    Bluestocking, I think that is one we can all agree on. Maybe not do, but agree we should.

    Kathy, so you swore off them...and yet you are doing them? what changed your mind?

    Teresa, I must agree. All books are not equal and can't be "counted" the why count?
    And I sort of like that backward challenge

    Lisa, non-challengers unite! although some of my best blogger friends are challengers. ;-)

    Gee Rebecca, I was not aware my anti-challenge stand was so well known. Maybe it is time to shut my mouth before I am drummed out of blogland. You may remember my anti-Kindle, anti-e-reader stands before. ;-)
    Yes, reading as about the most strenuous plan I have today, having called in sick for the first time in years.
    Now if one of you would bring me some tea with honey...

  8. Good thing that you loved the books you read. I hope you let us, your devoted followers, know what they were.

    Take care I hope you feel better soon.

  9. actually Kaye, I started all three reviews this morning, a general outline, and hope to have them up once the illness subsided a wee bit more. maybe after my

  10. Feel better soon!

    I signed up for a ton of challenges but if I fail every single of one of them, it won't bother me a bit. I am happy just to read a book.

  11. I like your attitude re: reading. I like doing challenges though ... it has exposed me to books I would have never read before.

    And I'm horribly behind in my reviews ... I justified it that if I caught up on reviewing all my 2009 books, what would I write about for 2010. I need to get a bit quicker though!

  12. That IS a good attitude, as one of your other readers said. I find that I need at least J. Kaye's 100 book challenge to keep me motivated to read, but other than that, I tend to just read what I want. :)


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