Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bandit Tuesday! And the 12th Day of Christmas.

The sorrow is almost overwhelming. Yesterday, Bandit and his mom flew back to Florida. Not to be seen again...at least in person...until the Great Trip South that I am going to undertake in March.
Second, Christmas is coming to a close. Soon, I will have to shut my outside lights off (I try to be the last in the town to do so) and take down my tree.
There is NOTHING fun about taking down a Christmas tree!

But still, it is Bandit Tuesday and that is always a happy time!

This photographic outing was at Sonic.
Now, we here in southern NJ have been late to get this drive-in fast food chain and I had never been to one. Happily, Bandit was only too pleased to go along and show me the ropes, so long as he was paid with his beloved Tater Tots!

First, you must carefully study the menu...yes...tots...

Then push the button and tell them your choice. Now if only Bandit could find his credit card...My treat Bandit!


  1. Aww, I bet you do miss Bandit - oh, and your niece too.

  2. I hate the end of Christmas too.

  3. The house looks so empty and colorless when you take down your decorations.

  4. OMG, could Bandit be any cuter? Probably not.

  5. Bandit is just too cute! They should let him have his Tots free of charge just for dressing up the place! Yeah, I hate taking down the tree, too. I'd probably leave it up all year if the hubby would let me get away with it.

  6. oh, that little feller loves his tots!

  7. Woah Woah Woah! Where is there a Sonic in South Jersey? I need this info immediately ... I didn't know there was one!!!! I need my grape slushie!!!!!1

  8. There are actually three Jenners, according to their web site.

    One in Millville (just zip down rt.55), one in Rio Grande (on the 'way to Cape May) and one in Somers Point, where Bandit and I could be found hanging out.

  9. Awwwww...the cutest dog EVER....

  10. Michele, I can not disagree.

    Poor Bandit must be suffering from jet lag and that is why he has not told us so himself today. Wait...Florida is in the same time zone.


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