Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Thinger...Why I am Disenchanted With Library Thing

Let's see if Wendi at Wendi's Book Corner has found another overlooked Library Thing feature for our enjoyment...

Questions: Have you had a chance to peak at the Quick Links section on the book page of your favorite book(s)? Were you surprised by any of the covers or lack thereof? Did you click on any of the covers to see where it would take you? Have you heard of WorldCat before?

Oh, I really should be out Christmas shopping, but I read the question, went over to Library Thing to check it out...and then I got very mad. Ok, not actually very mad, more like slightly disappointed. You see, before I had a chance to check out this week's question, I saw I had a new comment! How exciting...until I read it and found that once again I had not received an Early Reviewer book. That makes a full year, 12 months without being picked. No, I don't really need the book, but I am starting to take it personally. I was a good ERer. I really was! I read the book at once, reviewed it right away. What more could I do? And ya all know what a Library Thing fan I am...and this is how I am repaid. I am cut to the quick. The quick I tell ya!

Ok, now that I have that out, let's go back to the question.
I LOVE the Quick Link section on LT! Now, usually I go to the "Get this book" link, which we discussed last week. I find the variety of information there very useful, a quick, one stop way to check a variety of sources for a book.

But no, I had not ever looked at the WorldCat link. Cats scare me a bit...even my imaginary kitty, Kitty. So the title alone was enough to keep me away. But Wendi is very brave and checked it out first. I admit that I had no idea what it was until Wendi pointed it out and yes, it is another cool site. Gosh, there is just so much information out there on the internet, isn't there? But...I must say that I prefer the "Get this book" link, at least after a quick look. For example, while WorldCat list the libraries that have the book, the "Get this book" lists a lot more systems closer to my home and with my local county system, lists each separate branch where as WorldCat has just the whole system as one link.

Now I admit, I do love all the covers! I have said it before, but I am a shallow, superficial person. Covers are important to me. I have bought..or not bought..books because of the covers and it is fascinating to look at the variety of lovely, pretty covers. Especially with an older book that has many editions out there.
Odd..I looked at The Lighthouse by P.D.James. About 25 different covers, but they all are very similar, all blue or blue/gray, all similar images.
Then...I looked at Kafka on the Shore by Haruki MuraKami. About 45 covers, and the variety is huge. All quite bizarre and all very different.
I wonder why?

Speaking of cats (WorldCat ya know), I hope you checked out the video in the post just before this one. As the guy who posted it on YouTube said, it may be the happiest 15 seconds you will ever see.
But speaking of the cutest things you will ever see, let's check out the cutest puppy in the universe. After all, Tuesday is Bandit Day!


  1. LT should give you every book you request!

    I'm looking at Bandit's eyes and wondering what he was drinking! He is such a cutie.

  2. I'm angry on your behalf. What is wrong with them? Don't they know you are one of their biggest advocates? Sheesh.

    Bandit is a very smart looking doggy with his doggy glasses. Yes, thank you for that video this morning. It made me all happy inside!

  3. I'm with Sandy--what's wrong with those guys. Bandit is way cuter than a cat.

  4. Cute pic! I've had a Library Thing account for awhile now but I never use it any more.

  5. I feel your LT pain! I've only won one member giveaway and none from early reviewer. I've been taking it personally for quite a while, what's wrong with me that they don't want me to review one of their books?? Nothing!! That's what!! We're way past due a ER'er is what I think!!!

    I love Bandit's glasses, and with those eyes you can see why they're needed!!

    You can find my TT HERE

  6. I think LT is just testing me...a trial by fire...

    either that or they heard about my TBR pile.

  7. I've had bad luck lately with Early Reviewers also even though I used to win something about every 3rd batch. I haven't won anything since April now.


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