Sunday, May 17, 2009

O Canada......

Greetings from the nation of Canada. This morning, we left the Great State of Alaska and drove over the very high and rather scary Taylor Highway from the town of Tok (find that one on a map) Alaska, over the Top of The World Highway, crossing the border in the Yukon territory of Canada, to the town of Dawson City. All very old west, gold prospectish.

Dawson was at the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890 and here is still active gold mining in the area. In fact, we stopped at an old gold dredge yesterday to try our hand at panning for gold. Since I only found about $7 worth I will be returning to my job at some point in the near future.

From a literary point of view, Dawson City is most famous for having two well know writers that once lived here, the poet Robert W.Service (The Shooting of Dan McGrew) and the writer Jack London. You can view the two cabins in town where they lived...ok, Mr. London did not actually live in the town, but he did live in the cabin...or part of it. I walked out to look at them but since it is Sunday evening they were closed and hopefully I will be able to visit again tomorrow when they are open and find out the real story on that.

Tomorrow, off for an excursion away from the group, up the Dempster Highway, to Tombstone Park and the search for more critters to take pictures of. Hmmm...I really should post some pictures....


  1. That is beautiful country up there, but those high, twisty roads FREAK ME OUT. I have height issues, and when I get on these types of roads, I am best to just put my head between my knees, or I'll have some sort of fit, and therefore miss out on all the beauty. Take pictures, because that is the only way I'll see it!

  2. I had to google The Top of the World highway and it looks gorgeous but super scary. I'd probably have my eyes closed half the time.

  3. Sounds fabulous. I would love to see some pictures.

  4. i am sure Top of the World Highway would have been very scary....if we could have seen it. it was overcast and foggy with a bit of rain...the first bad weather really of the trip.
    but in a BIG bus on that road, I was happy not to see much of the


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