Friday, December 12, 2008

a review of Kellie's Book

Kellie's Book, The Art of The Possible by Kellie Greenwald

After her father retired and published a book about his career, Kellie decided that she wanted to do the same and spent 2 years working on this book. She is a first time author and as well as writing this book, she did all the vibrant, bold illustrations it contains. We learn a number of things about Kellie in this book, her memoir.

We learn that she is 29 years old, the younger sister of Doug, the daughter of Carla and Hank. Her father was once a broadcaster for the Yankees and then the Giants, and Kellie, having spend a lot of time in baseball stadiums growing up, counts a number of famous players among her friends. She has held a couple of different jobs. She loves to sing and play guitar, to cook for her friends, to swim and play baseball. She enjoys spending time with her family but also enjoys her independence. She loves to go on vacation and to go to good restaurants. She loves her cat. And she love her art.

Oh, and yes, Kellie was born with Down Syndrome.

To quote Dr. Corinne R. Smith, Former Dean of Education at Syracuse University, from the foreword;
Kellie's Book is a source of hope for families of children with disabilities. It is a testament to the fact that when children know they are utterly loved and supported, there is no end to what they can achieve and no end to what they give back by uplifting the lives of those around them....In this book, Kellie teaches us to view her as a person first, and not to judge her by her disability, and that differences among people are, after all, what makes like so interesting and makes the world go around.”
Her parents had a strong conviction that Kellie be given every opportunity to develop to her full potential. When she was just three weeks old, she was enrolled in the Infant Development Program at Easter Seals in San Francisco. When it seems unlikely that she would learn to speak, she was taught sign language, although as her parents comment, her verbal skills later developed and now, you better look out if she gets her hands on a microphone. It was not easy for Kellie, as she herself says in the book, “When I was a little girl I want to a school called Living and Learning Center. Even though it was hard for me I tried my very best.”
It is clear that Kellie and her family have always tried their very best and the results are inspiring.

To quote again from someone who knows Kellie, her teacher Susan Vickery, at the Victory Center for Arts and Communication at the Cedars of Marin,
“Enthusiasm, tenacity and sincerity flood each moment of Kellie Greenwald's life. These qualities shine through in Kellie's Book and invite the readers not only to share her experiences but also to dream about their own lives, and of all the possibilities and opportunities for learning and loving that are available for their own exploration.”
This is a book that both children and adults can enjoy and I think it would be an excellent book for a parent or teacher to read with their kids and then discuss the issues raised by Kellie's experiences. The text of the book is simple and direct and moving; the illustrations are bold and colorful and sometimes striking. Her cat Sweet Pea, with his two different colored eyes, her deceased grandmother, to whom she dedicates the book, herself as a baby in her mother' arms and my personal favorite, a brilliant red heart, surrounded with vibrant stripes of color, accompanying these words of Kellie,
“Love is a good feeling.

Our hearts will be the same.
My heart is sensitive and soft, filled with love.
Sharing our hearts creates love and makes love.”

Available from Amazon with a portion of the proceeds from the sales being donated to The Cedars of Marin, a facility for adults with developmental disabilities.


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