Friday, September 12, 2008

Anyone want a cookie?

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I was just reading, by way of Happy Catholic, that in honor of it's 100th anniversary, the Hydrox cookie is being re-released. She claims it is the BEST fudge cookie ever. Better than the Oreo. Now that would be pretty darn great in my book. I can see it now...with a glass of cold milk...or maybe a nice cuppa tea.

I just finished up 'Guernica' and after I wipe away a few tears, hope to get the review written and posted this evening. I tell you, I could have used a comforting cookie or two...a very good book.

Perhaps I need to go to the supermarket first....


  1. Guernica's in my TBR pile - you've just caused me to move it up a couple of spots.

  2. so much for my promise to write the review last night. and then I went off looking at lighthouses no review.

    But I did very much enjoy the book and hope that you do also.

  3. While I wasn't exactly a fan of Guernica, I did like Hydrox cookies. In fact, I recall my mom had a coupon for 7 cents off a package in her coupon box (we always laughed at how old the coupon must've been), but I bet it's still there...


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