Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review of "Midnight Exposure" [93]

Midnight Exposure by Melinda Leigh
Montlake Romance, ISBN 978-1612184753
August 21, 2012, 313 pages

When the two hikers disappeared, and then the body of one of the missing young men turned up in the woods, locals blamed an early snow and a sad accident.
But we, having read the first chapter, know better. Or worse, as it is...

When photographer Jayne Sullivan turns up in town she has no idea of what danger lurks in the woods. Still, it is not a happy trip for her. She has taken a job for a tabloid magazine, to try to get a photo of a secretive artist said to be living nearby. It pays well and she needs the money to help out her family, but she hates this sort of job.
Still, not as much as she will hate very shortly becoming the obsession of a very evil man who has a very ancient idea of sacrifice. Human sacrifice...

OK, let me just say, when I read the description of this book, all I saw were the words "woods" and "Maine". I missed the whole romance suspense thing, not my favorite genre. I love my romance and suspense separate. Ideally, with the romance in a different book in someone else's house. So, I was not too hopeful as I started.
I am happy to say, by in large, I was wrong.

Jayne is a great character, literally kick ass. This is no helpless little woman waiting for the big handsome man to save her. Although there is a big handsome, mysterious man and sparks galore between the two. He has severe trust issues and a very troubled history, as does Jayne, so they make the perfect couple! But really, must they be the most beautiful and handsome people ever to walk the earth? I wish that had been taken down a notch or two.

Yes, the plot is maybe a bit over the top, but fun in a rather creepy way. And yes, maybe I would have liked the romance tuned down a bit..a few too many heaving chests for my taste. Nothing like a roaring fire and a snowstorm to bring out the lust, it seems. But the plot was fast and fun and quite well written and contains a laugh or two on Jayne's part, always a huge plus for me in a book.

Fans of romance suspense will, I think, enjoy this one. But even if that is not first genre of choice, I think you will find a good bit to enjoy in this one.

My thanks to the publisher and Amazon Vine for providing a copy of this book for review.


  1. I hate hate hate when the characters are over-the-top beautiful and handsome! (AND they drink, eat junk food, etc etc etc)

    1. I assume that is part of the whole romance genre...which if maybe why I am not a great fan...but I think is so unnecessary.

  2. Yeah, I don't really get romantic suspense. Why would tense situations like that make you fall for someone you normally wouldn't?

    1. "oh, a serial killer is trying to kill me..oh, that guy is cute..." lol

  3. a fair review, but sounds too formula for more than a beach or plane read to me anyway


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