Thursday, November 15, 2012

Review of "Suddenly. The Cider Didn't Taste So Good" [90]

Suddenly, The Cider Didn't Taste So Good by John Ford Sr. Islandport Press, ISBN 978-1934031940 April 20, 2012, 200 pages

Retired Maine Game Warden John Ford has seen it all. He's been shot at by desperate prison escapees, been outwitted by wily trappers, and rescued scores of animals. As a tenacious and successful warden, he was always willing to spend the time needed to nab violators of the state's fish and game laws. At the same time, though, he wasn't a cold, heartless, go-by-the-book enforcer; he usually had a good quip ready when he slipped the handcuffs on a violator, and he wasn't above accepting a lesson learned as sufficient penalty for breaking the law. Ford is also a very gifted storyteller and he writes of his adventures in Suddenly, the Cider Didn't Taste So Good, a collection of true tales, both humorous and serious, from the trenches of law enforcement, and also includes heartwarming accounts of his rescue of hurt or abandoned animals.
What is it with me and Maine Game Wardens?
First, there were the books by Paul Doiron, mysteries set in Maine with the central character being Warden Mike Bowditch..I am reading the third one right now and it is very good!...and now John Ford and his real life experience during a long 20 + history as a warden.
I hear the call of the Maine woods.. ;-)

Let me just say that sometimes fiction is actually more interesting than real life.
This is not a bad book.
A number of the stories are pretty interesting. Some are rather amusing. But honestly, I am not sure if if is the stories or the very direct style Mr. Ford uses to tell them, but it all comes across as just a bit flat to this reader, a bit too mundane. I kept waiting for the hit it out of the park story, the really great story, but for me, it never came along.

I saw other reviews..and really, what is with ALL the five star reviews on Amazon?...that talked about laughing out loud as they read. OK, I giggled a few time, smiled a few, but I don't think I actually laughed. I enjoyed the book. But take into consideration my slight Maine Game warden obsession, I think I might have found this a bit more intersting than the average reader might.

Still for Maine fans, those who like stories about fishing and hunting, especially those individuals who are not above stepping outside the law to persue those interests, this might be a book you would enjoy.


  1. How funny! I started reading your post and I was reading the summary at the top and I thought: "What is it with me and Maine Game Wardens? " And then you wrote the very same sentence! LOLOL

  2. I love the title of this book, I almost bought it, but finished your review and changed my mind. I agree with you about the 5 stars on almost any book on Amazon, I don't even go there anymore to read their reviews. I have been fooled to many times already by their 5 star reviews. I often wonder, did those people read the same book I did?

    1. I think they might have fooled me again...I am not sure if I read them before I bought this one.
      I love books about I said, this one was just not as good as I hoped. Although I will agree the title, which is onne of the stories.
      I will give you a was not cider in the bottle, but another yellow liquid...oh, those funny good old boys...

  3. I had to chuckle when I saw the cover and title of this book. I thought "ONLY CAITE!". I think you need to move up there and become one. Really. As for Amazon, those ratings are worthless. I just assume that this guy's wife, kids, grandkids and neighbors are the ones doing the rating. You can't trust it.

  4. Maine is one of my favorite places to go and I love it as a setting in books I will be looking for these. Thanks Caite!


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