Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Morning with the Boys

Sunday is there favorite day...

There People are all home for treats...

..and they get their special Hash Brown Sunday breakfast!


  1. Hey folks!
    This was scheduled last week, when we had electric, which we do not now, not since the terrible storm Saturday morning.
    So just posting this from my car..but don't expect me back until the juice is flowing again!
    Darn it is hot.
    And dark at night.

  2. They look so adorable, and gaaah, no electric! Hope all is back to normal soon!

  3. What cuties! Has Larry met them yet?

    Sorry to see that storm knocked out your power. Stay cool!

  4. No electric? Yaaaaaaaagh. No wonder you flew the coop. Hope you get it back soon.

  5. Oh man i feel for you. Been there, down in FL and the land of power-losing. But happy dogs and treat dispensing should help ease the suffering!

  6. I love these posts, Caite - I wait for them every week :)

  7. Oh the boys are still McDONALD this week because we STILL HAVE NO ELECTRIC! Day three..95 degrees.

  8. Caite, your boys are all so cute. I just love them.


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