Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guest Post! The Niece Goes A Cruising..

The Niece, lucky girl, just returned from a cruise over her Spring Break.
A cruise on the largest ship in the world, Allure of the Seas. She was busy..rock climbing, wave surfing, zip lining...shopping, eating, having a beverage or two.
But she did not forget her Dear Auntie. She got her a couple of lighthouse photos!
Well, sort of...

Recently, I was lucky enough to cruise through the bright and sunny Caribbean. Nothing says happiness like a Kindle, a lounge chair and a Pina Colada, right!? The first port of call on my Caribbean adventure was Nassau, Bahamas. Those of you who have been there probably understand why we did not even get off of the ship... those of you who haven't – well, don't put it at the top of your list. Instead, we snapped pictures from our balcony and took advantage of the significantly emptier cruise ship. I took this picture especially for my dear aunt who has an overwhelming fondness for lighthouses.


Interestingly enough, our cruise ship also housed a lighthouse – The Boardwalk Bar! The world's largest ship, Allure of the Seas, boasts seven “neighborhoods” which we found to be a truly unique experience. The Boardwalk was home to a full-sized carousel, Johnny Rocket's restaurant, the breathtakingly impressive Aqua Theater and of course, The Boardwalk Bar. We stopped by a few times on our trip to grab a daiquiri (or two)!


I really could go on and on about my experience aboard this ship but that would take a couple dozen posts, lol! I do, however, consider myself to be somewhat of an expert as I did EXTENSIVE (some might say embarrassingly obsessive) research before our voyage. Secret spots? Found them all. Specialty sandwiches? Ate them gladly. Top notch entertainment? Enjoyed each show thoroughly. Therefore, if any of you are planning to take the Allure of the Seas, I would be happy to share my experiences and answer any questions.

Have a happy day!
Your (rested) guest-blogger, The Niece.


  1. Sounds like your niece had an awesome time. Sounds like an amazing trip.

  2. Yeah, not a bad idea to just stay on the ship. I do remember that real lighthouse though. I can't resist!

  3. Yeah, Nassau is not too pretty. Some parts of it are downright scary.

    Glad your niece had such an awesome cruise and was more than willing to share with us. :)

  4. What a fun trip! You'll have to go with your niece the next time.

  5. Very nice post! Makes Mom and Dad of Neice ponder the idea of trying a large ship like that instead of their usual smaller Holland America ships!! We will see! So much to do and so little time!!

  6. I shall have to compile my questions as we are planning a cruise on the Allure in August!!!!!

  7. We also love cruising but did not try the Allure yet.


  8. the pictures are backwards silly!

  9. Jenners,

    If you haven't already picked your stateroom, I would suggest you select one towards the aft. We stayed right by the aft elevators and found that most of the places we wanted to go (aside from the dining room & theater) were more easily accessible. We just got lucky there, I didn't factor any of that in when I chose my room, I just wanted to be near the elevators.

  10. How fun that your niece thought of you and snapped these lighthouse photos on her vacation.


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