Monday, December 5, 2011

Musing Monday...It's All In The Numbers

Let's check out this week's question at MizB's Should Be Reading shall we?

This week’s musing asks…

How many books do you read in a week? Month? Year?

Well, since I don't really keep record, I will have to guess.
But wait, I have a blog, where I review the books I read. In fact, you might notice that they are numbered. So divide that by the weeks and you have an answer, right?
Sadly, no.

I will admit that is at least one reason I started the blog, to keep track of what I read and what I thought of each book. A noble idea. Yes, that it true but as with so many things, it did not totally work out that way. Because I will admit it. I am much happier reading a book than writing a review about it.

Yes, I do like to share my opinions. Especially about books. But for some reason I have the hardest time sitting down and putting those reviews to to speak. So I have many books that I have read this year and not reviewed. Some are one I was not that trileed with but a few are ones I liked. I find if I do not write the review as soon as I have finished the book the odds of writing a one falls off a steep cliff. A few make it back up the cliff face but not two many.
So maybe I need a new way to keep track of the books I read.
Or maybe I need to buck up and write the darn reviews.

Ok, after all that whining, back to the question.
I think I read on average between 2 and 3 books a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less and sometimes none at all. On a rare occasion I get a sort of book block and may go a whole week or two without even opening a cover. But then I balance that out by reading 4 in a week.

So my answer would be 2.5 a week...10.8 per month...130 per year.
And most of them are sitting boxes in my basement.
Stop by and take a few home!


  1. I enjoy reading a whole HELL of alot more than writing the review. I am really far behind right now, and that always gets me down. But I do review them all, and I do keep track. I am always in the neighborhood of 150.

  2. I used to read a book a week .. if it was long and I was busy it would take me a little longer .. now I need to get myself in gear and read the one I started last week .. you'd think with the internet dead in our house I would have gotten the whole book read but I went out so I wouldnt obsess over no internet .. I think I need an intervention

  3. I'll be by later this week to pick up a few books, because you know I need some new ones some kind of bad! I think we read at about the same pace.

  4. I never kept track until I joined LibraryThing and made a pledge to myself to add every book I read. Even if I don't write a review, I usually make a few comments so I can go back and refresh my brain if someone asks. I generally read about 3/week - and aim for 150 a year. About 40% are audios, but I still count them.

  5. LT has been a wonder in getting me to record what I own..not so much what I read. I should go in and at least give it stars and a few comments so, like you said Tina, I will at least remember it.

  6. BTW, I think we should all send Kathy some books..heavens knows she need them because she only gets about 20 a week.

    ..and then we will head to Daryl's for the

  7. It was deciding to keep track of the titles of the books I read each year that led me to book blogging in the first place. And now I am obsessed with getting to 100 books for this year. Perhaps not knowing is better.

  8. I hate writing reviews, that is why I don't accept many books from authors. I don't mind receiving free books, and I don't mind reading them, I just hate writing reviews. It reminds me to much of being back in high school and HAVING to write book reports, or fail English class.

  9. at least we will have something to do when we are hiding out in your basement in the zombie apocalypse!

  10. yeah, the reading part is easy - the reviewing part is another story. I keep a running list on my blog and at Goodreads of what I read because I would forget it if I didn't. I think my brain leaks.

  11. hahaha 1-2 a week for me. can't take any off your hands- got my own to contend with!


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