Friday, March 11, 2011

I Am Off To Paris...

OK, not really Paris, France, but the Philadelphia Flower Shows try at it.

I hopefully will come back with lots of nice photos!


  1. I could use some flowers to improve my spirits with this dark, rainy, dreary weather -- no flowers in sight here...LOL

    Have fun

  2. You had me for a moment. I was considering taking the Little One but at those prices I was worried he would be bored and we'd be out quite a few bucks. Take some lovely photos for us.

  3. You could have fooled me. Have a great time and enjoy the mini-Paris-flower show in Philadelphia.

  4. Sounds like fun no matter what city you're in! I'll bet you'll get some amazing photos. =D

  5. I love the flower show, especially if you can find a time it is not too crowded, because let me tell ya, the crowds get huge!
    there are always a fair number of kids there, but they must get bored pretty fast I think...boys even more than the girlie girls who like all the pretty colors and lowers.


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