Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekend Cooking- In Honor of the Sputnik

When considering what to write about this weekend, I was moved by current events in making my decision.

First of all, if you listened to the recent State of the Union speech, you may have notice several references to the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth some 50 years ago. Then, there is the fact that most of the USA has been dealing with some very severe winter weather these past weeks. Record snows, blizzard conditions, dangerous ice storms...what to do?

Well, I am here to offer a suggestion.
Oh, you could take the traditional route and make some warming soup or a nice stew. Maybe some hot chocolate. But let us look to a culture that is famed, throughout history, for dealing with some very, very severe winter weather...the Russians! Hey, remember that scene from Dr. Zhivago, with the house with everything coated in ice?
But, you may be asking yourself, didn't we talk about borscht last week? Yes, we did, so it will not be a borscht recipe. Besides, I haven't found those beets yet, so lets go in a slightly different direction.

We don't have any true, authentic Russian restaurants, at least none I know of, here in south Jersey. But there is a restaurant at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, just a short drive away from CaiteLand, that serves some excellent Russian inspired dishes, like beef stroganoff, and Chicken Kiev and caviar and blinis, a restaurant named the Red Square. And the Red Square...named after a Russian place...has a lovely drink made with that oh so Russian beverage... vodka...and named after that first Russian satellite...The Sputnik!

You will need just a few ingredients.

  • Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka
  • Triple Sec
  • Lime Juice
  • A single raspberry
  • Ice
  • A shaker

Put some ice in the shaker.
Add 3 parts Raspberry Vodka. Now the Bro and Sil have done a study, trying several different brands and say to get the correct flavor, you must use Smirnoff brand.
Add 2 parts Triple Sec
Add 1 part lime juice. Again, after some testing, the Bro uses Rose's Lime Juice, a common drink ingredient. And you may not always have a fresh lime on hand!
Put on the shaker top, give a few good shakes, and pour into a chilled martini glass. Add one raspberry (hint...the bro keeps them in the freezer, so you always have them on hand too)...
The floating raspberry, of course, represents the Sputnik!

If you enjoy a cocktail from time to time, this a really delicious one.
Now how much alcohol is in this drink depends on how large that "part" is, what you use to measure with. All I know is, after drinking one, I just want to grab a pillow and my blankie and lay on the couch for a short nap.

There are worse ways to spend a cold snowy Sunday afternoon....

This is my contribution this to this week's Weekend Cooking.
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  1. I think I like the idea of borscht better under these frigid circumstances! :--) Or blini. Somewhere I have a recipe for cheese pancakes from the Ukraine which are heavenly. You have inspired me to search it out, although it might take years to find it!

  2. that looks like a mighty powerful drink catie!

  3. I'd be under the table if I had one of those!

  4. That sounds plenty warming to me! Yummy, too. I think I have everything but the raspberry vodka and the raspberries, but I could sneak those on the grocery list....


    you are correct Joy. It is yummy.

  6. Besides how yummy this sounds, I love how pretty it is with the single raspberry floating in the martini glass. Well done! And I'm off to buy the correct vodka...

  7. This drink sounds wonderful. I love vodka, lime juice and raspberries. I never thought of combining them. Can't wait to try it. Thank your Bro and Sil for doing all the testing.

  8. I don't drink anymore, but when I did I loved vodka. That looks so good!

  9. yes, they are like scientists! ;-)

  10. This looks sinfully delicious-it could be my one special drink during the dreaded SuperBowl!! It looks so pretty, with the rasperry Sputnik, circling the vodka. Love it.

  11. This would be perfect for summer... raspberry + vodka, yum!

  12. ...a couple of these and even I might enjoy the Super Bowl!

  13. Now that sounds like a yummy drink. Of course, I love anything with triple sec!

  14. I'm game for a new bottle of vodka. The idea of freezing the raspberries is brilliant. Thanks.

  15. That was quite a scene in Dr. Zhivago with all that ice covering the house.
    I thinking looking to Russia for cooking inspiration during the cold winter is brilliant borscht is good but I'll take a Sputnik instead anyday! It sounds like a delicious drink...I'd be dialing for take-out after one very happily!

  16. hey, we need beverages with our food, right?


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