Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Cooking...On The Road...

Ok, I admit it. This is a rather weak entry for weekend cooking. Mostly because I have not done any cooking since I returned from vacation Monday. It is taking me longer to clean all the accumulated stuff out of my car than the trip took.
So I will just share a wee food item....My emergency on-the-road lunch. Bumble Bee Tuna Salad. Comes in a little can, with a pack of crackers and a tiny spoon. Will last in the car forever..or at least a long time. Add a beverage...genuine Smoky Mountain bottle water and the best dessert out there...some Oreos...and you are all set.
Of course it helps if you are sitting on a mountain looking at a lovely view.

If you look carefully, you will also see it is a self portrait!

Hope someone out there is actually cooking something good!!

This is my contribution this to this week's Weekend Cooking.
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  1. I think that's a great idea for car food! I also make up little baggies of almonds for the car - another thing that will last forever (unless of course they all get eaten...) Oh, but based on recent experience: Junior Mints melt. (duh, I guess we should add) Still searching for a non-meltable chocolate thing for the car...

  2. never underestimate the importance of food on the road! I've been so many places where a granola bar or some nuts in my purse have totally saved me!

  3. Actually, on a road trip vacation like this, I now pack a whole selection of food.

    A refrig. pack of my fav Sprite Zero, a couple of which I usually keep on ice in my collapsible cooler. Mostly because soda machine never have it. Some bottle water, also on ice. That I forgot this trip, so had to ‘spring’ for the Smokey Mt. water.

    Some microwave mini-bags of popcorn for the hotel at night, assuming they have a microwave in the room, which many do now. Some breakfast bars, some crackers, in case I happen upon a great local cheese..

    It saves a lot of money, a lot of hassle, over buying on the road and I just bring home anything left over anduse it at home.

  4. The perfect emergency food!! Love this post and your self-portrait. Now if I can only go find that Smoky Mountain view.

  5. I tend to keep a granola bar in my purse, and my car is littered with half-eaten items and empty wrappers (kids!). You may have inspired me to get them to clean out my car today ... we'll restock it with some good on-the-road food.

    (my Weekend Cooking post today isn't about food, but about food containers)

  6. Oh, yes, food in the car is important. I just always forget to bring some along. Your combo sounds awesome.

  7. I returned from a three day train trip and this nice little package of tuna was along with me. I was surprised at how good it tasted. Sure beat the $10 hamburger lunch. onboard.

    We also carry a little box of goodies on road trips: cracker with peanut butter in them, nuts, dried fruit, and trail mix. All part of the road trip fun.

  8. When you are looking at a lovely view from a mountain top, almost any food tastes 100% better than it would anywhere else.

    When we visit the US, it is usually Florida and they don't go big on mountains there, so if it's mountain views we want, we generally head for Switzerland.

    A large iced beer and a 'Coup Romanov'(strawberries, ice-cream and cream)are all we need to compliment that view!

  9. I often have the oreos in the car for a road trip, but the tuna sounds good. Thanks for the suggestions.

  10. Snacks in the car on the road are a MUST with kids...letting hungry kids loose in a convenience store is just asking for it in my opinion. I try to carry a small cooler with a few of the drinks we normally drink, some apples, granola bars etc. My kids will eat apples etc. if their available, but otherwise they'll gorge on junk!


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