Tuesday, July 6, 2010

just to let ya know..

it seems blogger is having an issue since last night with comments not showing up. lots of hysterical people on the blogger help site, so I assume someone at blogger will notice and work on it soon. so if you comment and it does not show up yet, you are not going crazy.

well, you might be, but not about this.

p.s. decided  might be a good time to try IntenseDebate comment widgit and reposted some comments. so we will see it that works.


  1. Yea, I've heard that about the blogger comments. I love the Intense Debate threading, so I do recommend it, plus it's super easy to install and configure.

    Blogger has been giving me fits lately, too, with it's post formatting....it doesn't seem to like centering things and then returning to a left margain when I tell it to so I've been having to go in and manually edit the html.

    I should go to wordpress, but dang, I'm just too lazy.

  2. I'm with Michele, Blogger annoys me occasionally but I am just lazy and figure nobody cares all that much anyway. So anyway, I'll just keep commenting, at least to hear myself talk, and maybe they will show up at some point.

  3. thanks for clearing that up, blogger never responds to the hysterical comments.

  4. well, I installed it and it was here this morning and now it is gone. but I am of to work, so I will look at it all tomorrow,,,


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