Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alex and Luke and Lucy

Have you heard of Alex and Luke?
I can't say that I have before today, but it seems they have a bit of a following on the social medias, especially Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. They have a plan...
"Restless with our current positions in our respective lives, we set out to see what would happen if we used the power of social media to enable an exploration of North America. Without a route or any preconceived idea of what we will see and do, we are calling on the communities behind the most popular social media websites to act as our compass (pointing us where to go) and our guidebook (telling us what to see).

Equipped with a small car and a trunk load of equipment, our goal is to travel through every state, province and territory while documenting and sharing the experience through web videos and other internet content available at our website, alexandluke.com."
Quite cool...

But what is very, very cool is that they recently visited one of my very favorite NJ attractions, my beloved Lucy the Elephant. And they make a little music video about it! Ok, I didn't say it was good music.


  1. Well, I am totally out of it. I'd never heard of Alex and Luke before. Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

  2. I'm not much of a road trip person, but I think if I had all the time in the world, and no fighting kids in the back seat, this might be fun!

  3. personally, I love road trips and if I had the time I would love to do this...totally love it.

  4. I saw Lucy when I was very little, and it made a LARGE impression on me!

  5. I keep meaning to take the Little One to see this since it is just down the road ... we MUST do this soon! Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Maybe they will have her toe nails painted by then!


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